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Magazine Date Language Comments
GameAxis Magazine July 2006 English  
Time Magazine November 2004 English  
Edge Magazine October 2004 English  
PlayWorks Magazine October 2004 English  
Xbox World September 2004 English  
Maclean's September 2004 English September 20 issue
Xbox Zone August 2004 German  
Official Xbox Magazine June 2004 English  
GamesMaster June 2004 English  
Xbox Gamer June 2004 English  
Video Games Aktuell June 2004 German  
Game Informer May 2004 English  
Xbox.com 2004 Spring Guide Spring 2004 English  
Super Play May 2004 Swedish  
Edge Magazine September 2003 English The Making of... Halo; Equip Xbox issue
Official Xbox Magazine June 2003 English Halo 2 Exclusive
Atomic Magazine March 2003 English Halo 2 Info
Official Xbox Magazine February 2003 English Halo 2 Info
Official UK Xbox Magazine October 2002 English Fan Ideas for Halo 2
Official UK Xbox Magazine October 2002 English Halo 2 Trailer rundown
Official Xbox Magazine (France) October 2002 French Halo 2
Official Xbox Magazine September 2002 English A 'wishlist' article
PC Gamer UK September 2002 English  
Super Play September 2002 Swedish Halo 2
Edge Magazine September 2002 English Halo 2
XGamer August 2002 English Halo 2 teaser
XGamer August 2002 English Description of Halo 2 Trailer
XBM August 2002 English Halo 2 teaser
XBM August 2002 English X-Files feature; Halo grass
Official UK Xbox Magazine July 2002 English Teaser about Halo 2
Official UK Xbox Magazine July 2002 English  
New York Times May 2002 English  
XGamer May 2002 English  
Edge Magazine April 2002 English Interview with Jaime Griesemer
Halo Championship Flyer (Japan) April 2002 Japanese Flyer distributed for Halo's introduction
XGamer March 2002 English  
Entertainment Weekly March 2002 English  
XBN Spring 2002 English  
Edge Magazine March 2002 English Promo Reprint of Halo review
XBM February 2002 English  
GamePro January 2002 English  
Next Generation Magazine January 2002 English  
PC Gamer UK January 2002 English  
Official Xbox Magazine January 2002 English Full Halo walkthrough
GameStar December 2001 German  
Official Xbox Magazine December 2001 English  
Game Informer November 2001 English  
Maxim November 2001 English  
Official Xbox Magazine September 2001 English Preview Issue
GamePro May 2001 English  
Hyper May 2001 English  
Next Generation Magazine May 2001 English  
Official Xbox Magazine May 2001 English E3 Preview Issue
Joypad (France) January 2001 French  
PC Gamer August 2000 English  
PC Gamer UK July 2000 English  
PC Games July 2000 German  
PC Accelerator June 2000 English  
PC Gamer Sweden June 2000 Swedish  
PC Accelerator May 2000 English  
GameStar Czechoslovakia February 2000 Czech  
Incite PC December 1999 English  
MacFormat December 1999 English  
Next Generation Magazine December 1999 English  
PC Action December 1999 German  
PC Gamer UK December 1999 English  
PC Games December 1999 German  
PC Gaming World December 1999 English  
PC Zone December 1999 English  
Computer Gaming World November 1999 English  
Next Generation Magazine November 1999 English  
Next Generation Magazine October 1999 English  
PC Gamer October 1999 English  
PC Games October 1999 German  
MacFormat September 1999 English  
PC Gamer UK September 1999 English  
Halo Ads 2002 English Collection of Print Ads