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MCC Content Update Out Now
The next time you log into the Master Chief Collection, you'll be prompted to download the latest update. The folks at HaloWaypoint have typed out what you can expect to see changed in this content download! (MacGyver10 22:59:09 UTC) (permalink)


How You'll Play Together at Halo 5 Launch
Many people will be jumping right into Halo 5's multiplayer modes come launch day, and over at HaloWaypoint, they've outlined the multiplayer playlists we can expect on launch day! (Thanks Bounce-A-Gon!) (MacGyver10 22:57:11 UTC) (permalink)


Hunt The Truth - S02E04: Jackals
The latest episode of Hunt The Truth is up now as we learn a lot more about the Jackal species of the Halo Universe (maybe a little too much!). Kig-Yar pirates imprison the crew, an ancient phrase becomes a warning, and Maya puts it all on the line as well in this episode that continues the story of HtT! (Thanks asa!) (MacGyver10 22:54:00 UTC) (permalink)


Thoughts on Brutes via The SPV3 Project
The world of Halo has many interesting characters, places and species, and Masterz1337 of the SPV3 Project has shared an amazing piece they put together on the Brutes of the Halo universe to flesh out the species for their project. Go give it a read! (MacGyver10 22:50:03 UTC) (permalink)


Incoming Request: Show Your Halo Fandom!
For those of us not on the Waypoint forums, Hyokin posted a request from Bravo that they're looking for some fan videos for Halo fanatics to show their passion! (MacGyver10 22:05:13 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

Halo: Fall of Reach Animated Series Up for Physical Pre-order
Halo 5: Guardians Launch Gameplay Trailer
You Can Change Your Stars...and Grass and Mountains
Rockslider's Maximized Airtime for the Banshee Snatch
Treesicle's Take on Cortana

Sunday's news in brief:

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