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Take a Breath
Posted By: ween14<celticboy_3@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 July 2009, 8:49 am

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He scoped in, took a long deep breath and held it, his scope centered on the Sangheili Zealot's head. This high ranking Elite was a Field Master he was, his target. He was organizing a battalion size of soldiers into columns while the drop ships and Phantoms fell into place behind each column, for what looked like some sort of mission briefing. He followed him with his scope; he hadn't dared to take the shot while all of them were watching the Zealot. They had air support, enough soldiers to take out any UNSC ground base, and too much armour to even consider the shot. He exhaled.

After a good 20 minutes, the Zealot finished the briefing. At this time the soldiers started boarding the troop transports, with two squads of five Unngoy's, a Sangheili Major, an Elite minor, and two Kig-Yar's in each Phantom. With the drop ships there were ten Sangheili warriors in each ship one Sangheili Ultra, two Sangheili Major's, and seven Sangheili Minor's.

After all of the soldiers boarded their respective transports, the Zealot, who was being escorted by two Sangheili Honour Guards, entered a room and motioned the Guards to stay outside. There were few windows in the room that the target was in. The Zealot was talking to a holographic picture of a Prophet. Eli could take the shot now; there was hardly any infantry or air support around. Although there were only a few small windows, the Sharpshooting ODST Sergeant would make it work. Since the UNSC was fighting in many different systems and on many different planets they couldn't spare a spotter, so Eli had to check the target distance, and he had to take into account the wind. He shouldered his rifle and took aim.

Once again, Eli Boyd, found himself holding his breath and motionlessly scoping 5.4 meters to the left of his target to compensate for the wind. He was laying flat on his stomach atop a small hill in the distance, 632 Ft away from the target. Just as he was about to shoot his SRS99C-S2 AMB Sniper Rifle, he lost sight of the target. Eli quickly scanned the area with his sniper but there was no sign of the alien. Although being pissed that he missed the opportunity, Eli knew there was always a second chance.

Eli grabbed his sniper and pressed the tripod against the barrel threw his equipment bag against his back and headed east to where there was a larger hill, about an 8 minute jog. Once Eli got to a spot he was satisfied with he quickly deployed his sniper and nervously searched the horizon for a single Sangheili Zealot. If he lost this high priority target he would get in shit, this isn't the first time he's messed up. On Zulu II he had the chance to take out a Sangheili Councillor, but once again he took his time and the Councillor entered a ship and Eli's chance was spent. He didn't want that to happen again.

He caught a glimpse of the same two body guards again but no sign of the Zealot. Although he hadn't seen the Zealot he had a feeling he was on a parked Phantom on the opposite side of the building where the guards had been. Eli tightened the silencer on the barrel of his rifle to make sure it was a quiet shot. Deep breaths, hold it, hold it, and hold it! Eli squeezed the smooth trigger and shot the power core's that were sitting inside of the Phantom. Three short seconds went by, and satisfaction and relief washed over him as he seen the explosion of the craft which spurt beautiful shades of blue and purple. Eli's next move, to get to the extraction zone without being detected.

As soon as the Phantom erupted it was soon met by a dozen Unngoy, Kig-Yar, and the two Honour Guards. They quickly assessed the situation, both of the pilots died, two Unngoy and a pair of Kig-Yar, but the worst of them all the cherished and respected Zealot. The inspectors quickly found out that there were no aircraft anywhere near their location so it wasn't a missile. The only other option was a ground based attack and since the motion detectors haven't show a single enemy contact he must be a long ranged unit, a sniper. The soldiers quickly started a search party, two Banshee aircraft and three squads of SpecOp Sangheili and Unngoy. The Covenant search parties went all different ways; thankfully, Eli couldn't possibly take out three teams of SpecOps and two Banshee fliers due to his little armament. He is only equipped with a light M7 caseless sub machine gun with a few extra clips in his bag and his Sniper Rifle. Earlier when he dropped two miles back he left his radio in the bushes, turned off, so that he could call in for immediate evac. The UNSC had a stealth Corvette hidden in the asteroids not to far from the planet. He started the journey. Although he tried his best to cover up his tracks, one of the SpecOp teams were right on his tail. Eli dropped his bag to grab a sip of water, this took him a good 5 seconds but that's all the search party needed, a Grunt seen him and sent pink needles his way. After the first Grunt shot, the rest of the team followed suit. Letting loose a volley of burning plasma and pink needles, which Eli narrowly evaded and took refuge behind a tree.

Eli quickly swung the sniper from his backside to his shoulder, he rounded the tree quickly and pulled off an unsuspecting shot catching the Elite in the shoulder, dropping his shields and brining him to the ground unconscious. The Grunts however being higher ranks than the normal grunt, did not frighten in fact they fought more fiercely, one of them threw a plasma grenade to the left of him, he quickly noticed the threat and dove overtop a tree stump and lay behind it. He opened his bag and took out his M7 SMG and shot a couple rounds into an Unngoy's skull and dropped him. They shot back showing no signs of stopping. One shot a lucky plasma pistol shot that just clipped Eli's thigh armour, destroying it and burning his leg slightly. Eli knew at this rate they would have him in a casket in no time so he pulled out a single grenade he packed, pulled the pin and lobbed it at two Grunts sticking closely together trying to flank and blew them to bits splattering blue blood across a spruce tree. Now it was just one on one, this last Grunt was not scared one bit, he charged in with a plasma pistol; Eli was frantically trying to reload his M7 but couldn't find another clip, so he used his last choice for close combat, his sniper. He let loose a shot without scoping and luckily got it in its chest, killing it. Before he limped off to the extraction zone he finally found a clip for his SMG and finished off the Elite.

Eli got to his drop zone and found the radio, he called in for evac. He layed in the tall grass for 20 minutes and stayed as silent as possible. When the time came to a close a modified pelican, which was smaller than most pelicans and used for stealth, landed and Eli quickly hopped aboard and they took off for the asteroid belt for debrief aboard the Stealth Corvette, Here Comes The Sun. Eli immediately received medical attention for his plasma burn and received a medal of bravery for sticking in the fight when he was outnumbered and out matched with inferior weapons.

The End!

This is my second attempt, please let me know how I did. Be as truthful as you want!