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Halo 3 ODST 2
Posted By: spartanshot<farfrompuken191@cs.com>
Date: 23 October 2009, 5:57 pm

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If you have read my work before, you know I like writting video game predictions. This is my prediction for Halo 3 ODST 2. In my previous writtings, I've confused the reader with the screenplay/story problem. This is a story. In my game prediction, it will either be the first or frist and second levels. Use your imagination. You are playing as the Rookie and it picks up where we left off.

Halo 3 ODST 2

Interior: UNSC Orbital Defense Platform Dublin

Sgt. Johnson had been communicating with the creature for hours. The Rookie sat asleep nearby the steps surrounded by his teammates. Johnson, Captain Dare, and Gunnery Sergeant Buck stood around this creature. This "Engineer" as they were calling it.

"This thing better be worth all that trouble" says Romeo.

"How do they understand it?" asks Mickey.

"Who knows" says Dutch.

As usual, the Rookie was asleep. It had been a month since the destruction of New Mombasa, but the battle stayed fresh in his mind. In all their minds. Those who were awake watched as "Vergil", as the Captain had been calling it, displayed the Covenant excavation site on a holographic table that had been brought in.

"So what is it?" Johnson asked Vergil.

Vergil let out a few low whistles and made a series of lines appear around the hologram.

"Those are paths that lead inside the structure?" Dare asks.

Vergil let out a few low beeps and nodded.

"But what is that structure?" Buck asks.

Vergil again let out a few low beeps. This time shaking its head.

"He doesn't know" says Dare.

Vergil made a few words appear on the hologram. Dare then read them.

"He's not sure. All he knows is that it's got to do with something called the Ark" says Dare.

"The Ark?" asks Johnson. "I've heard of it before. What exactly is it?" he says as he leans towards the alien.

More words appear on the table.

"He says it will activate the Halo rings" says Dare as she looks at Johnson.

"A "spook" like you knows what he's talking about right?" Johnson asks.

Dare nodded. They both knew what would happen is the Covenant got full control of that structure.

"I'm sorry. Did I miss something here?" Buck asks.

"Sorry Buck. It's classified" says Dare.

"Oh, then I guess nothing's changed then?" says Buck with a hint of anger in his voice.

"No Buck, nothing's changed. As long as ONI monitors me, nothing's changed." she says.

"Figures" replies Buck.

Vergil lets out a few more beeps and makes more words appear from the table. Johnson reads them. A hologram of the Forerunner Dreadnought appears.

"He says we need to disengage the power generators within the structure in order to stop the Covenant. And that ship, I've seen it before."

"It's been in system for nine days, we've never got a clean shot at it" says Dare.

"Wait! Does this mean we're in for another jump?" Romeo asks.

"Yeah Romeo. That's exactly what it means" Buck replies. He then looks at the Rookie.

"Mickey, wake up sleeping beauty over there will ya?" he says.

Mickey gets up and walks over to the Rookie. He knocks on his helmet a few times and awakens his teammate.

"C'mon Rookie. We got another job to do."

Interior: UNSC Frigate Aegis Fate. Low Orbit. One hour later.

The UNSC Aegis Fate was in a low orbit. It was a few miles away from the excavation site. The plan was to fly over a patch of land about a kilometer from the site and drop the ODST's. The team readied itself within the ship.

"Romeo, keep your sniper ready" says Buck.

"Again?" he asks with an annoyed voice.

"We don't know what we're going up against, so yes. Again" replies Buck.

"Mickey, you got enough explosives?" he asks.

"As much as I can carry Gunny" replies Mickey.

A door opens and Dare walks in with Johnson. Buck notices that she is carrying a new Recon helmet and says,

"What's that for?"

"What do you mean? I'm coming with you" she replies.

"Oh no. Not again Veroni-"

"Captain! And yes I am coming with you" she says as she waves her finger in Buck's face.

Just then a voice goes over the ship's COMM channels.

"We've got a new contact! Unknown classification"

"If it isn't one of ours, take it out" says Lord Hood.

"This is Spartan-117. Can anyone hear me?" says the Master Chief.

Johnson's eyes widen. That was the last voice he expected to hear.

"Chief!" he shouts.

"Master Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing on that ship?" asks Hood.

"Sir, finishing this fight" the Chief replies.

"OORA!" Dutch, Mickey, and Romeo yell upon hearing the Chief's statement.

Commander Miranda Keyes goes over Johnson's COMM channel.


"I know, I heard him" he replies.

"He's jumping. I'm sending a team to get a lock on him" replies Keyes. "Get him and bring him back to Crow's Nest dead or alive."

"Roger that ma'm" Johnson replies.

Johnson looks at the others.

"Sorry, but I gotta go. An old friend needs my help" he says as he quickly walks out of the room.

"Wow, a Spartan" says Mickey.

"Things are looking up" says Dutch.

"Yeah. One Spartan against an entire Covenant armada" says Romeo as he walks past Buck.

Buck just looks at Romeo and shakes his head. A voice then goes over a loudspeaker.

"HEV pods launch in sixty seconds."

"Alright everyone, get in your pods and prepare for drop. It's hell down there and we're going feet first!" says Buck as he puts on his helmet and pushes Romeo towards his pod.

Everyone gets in a pod. They ready themselves as the doors close. The Rookie sees a familiar sight as the faces of Buck and Dare appear on the pod's internal screens.

"We're going to follow the data that Vergil gave us and enter the structure via an east side entrance. Once we're in, we need to find the power generators and shut them down" says Dare.

A countdown starts from ten. Once it hits zero, the pods launch. The Rookie watches from within. He is a little nervous, but like the rest of his emotions, he never showed this. The last time he jumped, he got hit by his teammates pod and was knocked out for six hours.

"Lord, please let this jump be better than our last" says Dutch.

"Amen" says Mickey.

The Rookie looks outside and sees the structure that the Covenant have been excavating. Suddenly a strange looking ship entered his view.

"What the hell is that?!" yells Romeo.

"Dunno. But it looks like it's loosing altitude" says Buck.

The Rookie watches as the ship slowly lowers itself out of the sky. Many Covenant cruisers and some carriers surround the site. The Rookie looks down to see that he is closing on the ground very quickly.

"Brace for impact in three…" says Dare.

In three seconds, they all land and burst from their pods. The Rookie levels his SMG and looks around. He then lowers his weapon and watches as this new ship touches down in the center of the structure.

"That thing looks pretty damn important" says Romeo.

"It's a Forerunner ship" says Dare. "The Prophet of Truth is using it as a flagship."

Buck checks a hand held panel device and says,

"And it looks like the structure's reacting to it. I'm getting all kinds of energy pings that weren't there a moment ago."

"This isn't good, is it?" asks Mickey.

"Na Mick, it ain't" says Romeo with a sense of annoyance. "There's gonna be more security, and now we're running out of time."

"You never stop complaining, do you Romeo?" says Buck.

"He's right Buck" says Dare. "We need to move faster before the Covenant carry out their plan."

"And what is their plan captain?" Buck asks annoyed.

"We don't know. But it involves the power supply in that structure. That's our objective" she replies.

The team moves closer to the structure. They go down a hill and slip past a patrolling party of Wraiths. They close in on what appears to be a trench. It is heavily guarded by Covenant. Right behind it is the entrance. There is a single sniper tower hovering above its base. There are two Jackals with Beam rifles and three Grunts manning the turrets.

"Romeo, find their leader and take him out. Mickey, get a rocket on that tower. Fire on my command" says Buck.

Mickey kneels behind a rock, grabs his rocket launcher, and aims at the tower. Romeo gets in a prone position and searches for the leader.

"Brute captain at eleven o'clock" says Romeo.

"Do you have the shot?" asks Buck.

"Wait for it….. Yeah" replies Romeo.


"Ready Gunny."


A shot cracks from Romeo's sniper. A purple mist sprays from the back of the Brute's head and it collapses. At the same time, Mickey sends a rocket sailing towards the tower and it explodes.

"Fire at will! Cut these bastards down!" orders Buck.

The entire team fires on what is left of the defense force. Several Brutes fall by Romeo's sniper. Within seconds, the path to the entrance is clear.

"Hurry up and get in!" says Buck. "The Wraith patrols have probably been notified."

The team runs down the hill and enters the large structure. The outside walls are inclined upward about a hundred feet to the top. As soon as the team enters the structure, Captain Dare stops and turns around. A Wraith came into view right where the team was just minutes ago. It launched a plasma ball into the air. Dare spotted what looked like a door switch. She ran over and hit a button. She has no idea how she knew what button to press, but she was glad she did. A door began sliding down from the ceiling and eventually touched the ground, locking the Brute patrols out.

"How could this place have been here for so long without us noticing?" asks Dutch.

"Yeah. It's crazy that we had no idea about this, even with a major city above" says Mickey.

"Well not anymore" says Romeo.

"Romeo, God Dam it!" Buck yells.

"This is not the place for this marines. We're in enemy territory now" says Dare.

The team makes their way through the structure. They take out several small patrols along the way. Along the metal walls are what appear to Dare to be power lines. They are letting off a dark blue light. It takes up to four hours before they find what appears to be a power generator. It is a very large cylinder structure which is shooting blue energy waves from its left and right sides.

"Looks like this is it" says Buck. "How do we…..?"

"Right here" says Dutch as he points to the only thing that looks like a control panel.

The Rookie goes over and presses a button. The cylinder stops shooting energy and cools down.

"Perfect good job everyone" says Buck as he checks his hand held device. "One of 500?!"

"You're kidding right?" yells Romeo as his faceplate depolarizes. "We just spent four hours getting to one of these dammed things, now we gotta keep going?"

"You know Romeo, for once I agree with you" says Buck as his faceplate depolarizes and he looks at Dare. "Your little squid failed to mention that we needed to shut down 500 of these things!"

"Don't put this on me Buck!" Dare yells. "This is no ones fault."

"It's bad intel is what it is" says Buck. "I mean that thing could've at least-"

"Shhhh!" says Dare with a finger over her mouth.

She looks around. The halls are dark.

"Everyone, night vision. Now" Buck whispers

Buck's faceplate polarizes. The Rookie looks around. With his night vision, he sees the outlines of several large creatures.

"Active Camo Brutes!" Buck yells and fires a few rounds from his Assault Rifle. "Take Cover!"

The Rookie gets behind a short wall which surrounds the power generator. Mickey goes right next to him. Romeo and Dutch are on the outer side of the wall behind the generator. Buck and Dare took cover in a small alcove opposite side of the generator. They are all firing.

"I count ten!" Mickey yells.

Dutch charges up his Spartan Laser and fires.

"Make that eight!" he yells.

Among the sounds of the weapons, the team clearly hears the leader of the Brutes giving an order.

"Get this generator back online! The Holy One cannot depart if it is off!"

The Brute is then silenced by a shot from Romeo's rifle. Seconds later, another Brute throws a Spike Grenade behind the wall where Mickey and the Rookie are. Mickey dives over the wall towards the Brutes while the Rookie dives out into the middle of the hallway. The grenade detonates harmlessly.

'Cover 'em!" Buck orders.

The team fires on the Brutes as the Rookie and Mickey get on their feet and run for cover. They get back behind the wall safely.

"Grenades!" Buck orders.

Each member of the team lobs a grenade into the Brute formation. Within seconds, a series of explosions blows the Brutes to bits.

"Is that it?" Romeo asks.

"Yeah, for now" says Buck.

"Did anyone else hear what that Brute said?" asks Mickey.

"Yeah I heard it" says Buck.

Captain Dare looks up at the power generator. It looked dead. There were no blue energy beams being emitted. She then followed the power lines she had noticed earlier and saw that they were no longer glowing.

"It's a relay system" she says.

"What?" asks Buck.

"The power of this facility is being relayed through these generators to those power lines."

"So that means we're done then right?" Romeo asks.

"I guess so" says Buck.

Radio garble is heard from one of the dead Brutes helmets. He was receiving a message.

"Captain! The power has not been restored. What has happened!?" yells a Brute. "He's dead. Send a strike force! Those human scum will pay!"

"That sounds good" says Dutch.

"Mickey, get some C-12 on that generator. Let's make sure it never works again" orders Buck.

"On it Gunny" says Mickey.

While Mickey plants the charges, Buck speaks with Dare.

"Your little friend failed to mention that the power runs in a relay network."

"As smart as Vergil is, he's not very bright" replies Dare.

"Hey, do you think they found the Spartan?" Dutch asks.

"I hope so" says Mickey as he finishes with the explosives. "Done."

"OK, lets get the hell out of here before more Brutes show up" says Buck.

The team goes back the way they came. Twenty Minutes after they start to leave, Buck orders Mickey to detonate the C-12.

"Mickey, blow the generator."

"Alright, here goes nothing" replies Mickey.

As they continue to run, Mickey presses a few buttons on his wrist. In an instant, a rumble is heard and the generator is destroyed. The team continues out the structure. In three hours, they make it to the door from which they entered. It is still closed.

"Let's hope those patrols ain't still out there" says Romeo.

Dare then pushes the same button she did to close the door hours ago. Nothing happens.

"What's up with this?" says Dutch.

Dare analyzes the wall on which the door control is located. She notices that the power lines that ran from the generator stop right above the console.

"Oh no. The generator powered the door controls. We're stuck" she says.

"What?!" Romeo yells.

"Watch it Romeo!" yells Buck as his faceplate depolarizes. "She's our senior officer!"

"I destroyed our only exit?" asks Mickey with shame.

"Calm down Mickey" says Dutch. "It's not your fault."

The Rookie looks up at the power lines. They begin to flicker with the blue light they emitted before. He taps Dare's shoulder and nods up to the cables. It then glows a solid dark blue light.

"What the?" says Dare.

The door then slides open. Dutch looks up and says,

"Lord?" as his faceplate depolarizes

"I don't think so Corporal" says Dare as she takes her helmet off. "The power lines are glowing again. They must've sent a team of Engineers to repair it."

"Dam it!" yells Buck. "There goes our mission."

"So we're going back?" asks Romeo.

Buck feels a vibration from his hand held device. He takes it from a compartment within his chest plate.

"Uh, no we're not. This entire thing's about to let out a shockwave strong enough to shatter our bones! Let's get outta here!"

The team runs outside the structure and up the hill. Dare goes over the COMM channels and says,

"This is Captain Veronica Dare, are there any Pelicans in the area? We need evac ASAP!"

A voice responds,

"Roger that Captain. This is Pelican A0304. I have a visual on you're location. I'm inbound five-five-five" says a pilot.

The Pelican is then seen flying in from the north. It touches down ten meters away from the team. They continue to run and board the Pelican. Once they're in, Buck yells to the pilot,

"Get us outta here! Hurry!"

The pilot does not ask questions, he just takes off. From the back of the ship the team watches as several large pylons rise from the edges of the Forerunner artifact. They appear to be gathering energy. The Forerunner ship begins to glow with waves of blue energy. In a flash of light, a shockwave is emitted and the Pelican shakes. It was too close to the artifact. The pilot struggled for control, but to no avail. The Pelican spun out of control and crashed.

"Everyone alright?" yells Buck.

"I'm good" says Dutch.

"Same here" says Mickey as he brushes dust off his chest.

"Veronica?" asks Buck as he looks at Dare.

"I'll be fine" she says as she gets up.

Buck looks at the Rookie. The Rookie's vision is blurred, but he shakes it off and gives Buck a nod. An acknowledgement that he's alright. Romeo is sitting on the floor and begins to cough.

"You OK Romeo?" Buck asks.

"Yeah I'll live" says Romeo as he pulls himself up.

"Good. I wasn't about to carry you're sorry ass again."

Romeo lets out a low, short laugh. The pilot then emerges from the cockpit.

"Status?" Buck asks.

"Bird's shot. Co-pilot's dead."

"I'm sorry" says Buck.

The team emerges from crashed Pelican and looks upon the Forerunner structure. The flagship is gone. The final ships of the Covenant fleet enter through a blue bubble in the sky. The Portal.

"What the hell just happened?" the pilot asks.

"Don't know" says Buck. "But it's not good."

Suddenly, there is a thunderous roar. A Covenant cruiser emerges from Slipspace and flies overhead. It trails a cloud of green smoke. Dare then grabs Buck's hand. The ship crashes not far from their position. Dare whispers,

"If this is what I think it is, then we have to leave. Now."