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Halo 4 story, Legendary ending
Posted By: spartan shot<farfrompuken191@cs.com>
Date: 7 September 2009, 5:10 pm

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Unless you have read my work before you probably won't understand any of the following. This is the Legendary Ending seen after the credits in my vision of Halo 4.Due to the 750 word limit for posts, I included the final level as well. Enjoy!

Exterior: Brute ship Orbiting Sanghelios.

The massive ship is completely surrounded by Elite and Forerunner ships. Phantoms close in on the Brute ship. Each contains a strike team. The Master Chief, Kelly, Fred, and Linda are Spartan Team One. Douglas, Alice, and Jerome are Red Team. The ten man Spartan-III team goes under the name of Team Saber. The Arbiter, Senc 'Vadamee, Rtas 'Vadum, and several other Elites go under the name of Team Guardian.
As the Phantoms close in on the ship, they separate to hit different entry points.

"How can we be sure that they won't self destruct once we land?" asks Tom.

" We can't. But I've already disabled their communications and radar systems. They won't know you're there" says Serina.

"Once we land you'll have to find a place to set me down Chief" says Cortana, "then I'll disable the self destruct."

"But why are we doing this? Why don't we just blow the damned thing up?" asks Ash.

"We have to be sure he's on the ship" says Senc, "besides, I want to watch him die."

The Phantom holding the Chief and his team then lands in a fighter bay. The bay is empty of all ships but there are several Brutes. They begin to fire on the Phantom. Spartan Team One exits their Phantom and the fight begins.
This begins a level entitled "Damnation". It is called this because the Prophet of Strength has damned himself. During this mission, Spartan Team one will have to find a place to set Cortana into the ship.
Team Saber will announce that they have found a place in the ships life support chamber but they are heavily outnumbered. Spartan Team One must find them and help them. Red Team will say that they have reached them but they are still outnumbered.
On you way to them Capt. Cutter will say that Serina is having trouble controlling the Forerunner ships. He says that she is rejecting many attack signals offered from them and she will soon loose control.
Once you reach Team Saber and Red Team, Chief Mendez will order that they fall back to The Spirit of Fire. After they are rescued, and Cortana is in the ship, they will fall back to an extraction point and leave . Guardian Team will announce that they are under fire.
On you're way to them the ship will rumble from fire from the Forerunner ships. You will meet up with the Arbiter and his father who have been separated from the group due to this. Rtas 'Vadum will say that they have the situation under control. Cortana will lead you to the ship's bridge where the Prophet is. Once there, you will meet up with Rtas and what is left of Team Guardian. Sgt. Forge goes over the COMM channels and says he as entered a fighter bay with a Pelican for evac.

The door to the bridge opens and the Prophet will be standing at the command station. He is guarded by seven Chieftains. He orders them to charge with their Gravity Hammers. The Elites will draw their Energy Swords and fight them.
The Arbiter, Senc, and the Chief enter the bridge as the fight continues behind them. The doors shuts once they are in. Kronus uses The Fist of Rukt to stun the Arbiter and the Chief. Senc then charges him with his sword. As he loads up for a swing, he says

"You will pay for your arrogance."

Kronus then stuns him with his hammer and holds him in place above the ground in a gravity field. He then says

"AND YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR LACK OF FAITH!" as he releases Senc from the field and sends him flying across the bridge with a mighty swing of his hammer.

As the Arbiter sees this he screams


He then rises and draws his swords, one in each hand.

"Arbiter" says Kronus, "I suppose I must thank you. With my cousin dead as well as the Prophet of Truth, I was able to control the Covenant."

"And you also destroyed it with your treachery" says the Arbiter as he slowly nears him.

"No matter. Soon my Brutes will activate Halo and I shall become A GOD!" says Kronus.

"I'd hate to break it to you, but that's not gonna happen" says the Chief as he gets up. "Where do you think we got that fleet of Forerunner ships?"

Cortana then appears on a pedestal near the Chief.

"And where do you think we got this?" she says as the Index appears in her hand.

The Prophet of Strength's eyes widen. He lets out a bloodshot roar.
"I WILL FEAST ON YOU!" he yells as an energy shield similar to that of Tartarus' appears on his body.

The Master Chief then spots a beam rifle on a weapons cache near a control panel. The ship then rumbles and a crack forms in the bridge, separating the Chief from the Arbiter and Kronus. He picks up the rifle and takes aim. Kronus charges the Arbiter and the final battle begins. This time you play as the Arbiter like at the end of Halo 2, but there is no three level arena to hide on and Kronus is much stronger due to all his armor. But, it works just the same. The Chief will lower the shields with a Beam Rifle and the Arbiter must hit him with his swords.

Interior: Bridge of Brute ship.

Kronus leaps into the air. He raises his hammer and is about to crush the Arbiter. The Master Chief then takes three shots with the Beam Rifle and lowers his shields. This makes Kronus hesitate. The Arbiter takes this opportunity and puts both of his swords into Kronus' gray hide. He uses the momentum of Kronus' leap and back flips with the blades still in him. He lands atop the brute and pulls his blades out.
The Arbiter stands over Kronus's limp body. The Master Chief jumps over the crack and approaches from behind him and stands at his side, looking down at the Prophet. The doors to the bridge then open up. Rtas 'Vadum is standing there with his sword. Next to him are Fred, Kelly, and Linda, all taking aim with their weapons. Body's of Brute Chieftains and Elites are behind them.
They then lower their weapons as Rtas shuts his sword down. Kronus then lets out a low laugh. His blood gargles in his throat. He laughs for about three seconds before the Arbiter raises his sword and drives it into the Brute's chest, silencing him for good. He then pulls the sword from the carcass and shuts it down. He looks at he Chief and says

"Were it so easy…."

The ship then rumbles violently. Serina will say she has lost control over the Forerunner ships and has no choice but to self destruct them. Capt. Cutter will approve this. The Master Chief and the Arbiter look out the bridge's main window and watch as The Spirit of Fire and all of the Elite ships fly away from the Forerunner ships. The Dreadnoughts then explode.
The Brute ship will rumble violently again, this time knocking the Chief and the Arbiter down. Cortana says that they are being pulled into the planet's gravity and need to get out. Forge will say that he is waiting in a fighter bay near by. Cortana then says that by the time they get there the ship will have crashed. She then tells everyone to make their way to Forge's position while she tries to guide the ship down. She looks at the Chief and tells him there is a place where he can retrieve her near the extraction point.

"I'm not leaving you behind again Cortana" he says.

"Trust me this will work John now get moving" replies Cortana.

The Master Chief and the Arbiter move towards the crack in the bridge. The Arbiter then stops and looks at his father's corpse. He goes over to it and just stares.

"Arbiter come. There is nothing we can do for him" says Rtas.

The Chief then jumps over the crack. His fellow Spartans grab him and pull him away from the gap. The Arbiter then looks back at his father. He has made up his mind. He grabs him and lifts him on his back.

"No Arbiter we have no time!" says Rtas.

The Arbiter then backs up and says "He is my father. There is always time." He then runs towards the gap and clears it with his father's corpse on his back.

This continues the level. You, as the Master Chief, must get to the fighter bay where Forge is waiting. On the way to the extraction point. Parts of the ship will explode. About half way there, Cortana will loose control and the ship will crash. It is mostly in tact but Cortana says that its reactor is going critical. You must continue through the ship and get Cortana. Once you have retrieved her, you have to get to the fighter bay. Once there, Forge will be standing in front of the Pelican. The room is falling apart. An explosion sends shrapnel into Forge's leg and knocks him on his feet. Fred immediately picks him up and says

"There's no way your flying us outta here."

The Chief then runs into the cockpit while everyone else gets in the passenger bay. The doors close. You then must fly the Pelican out of the ships ruins. Once you are out of the ship, you must fly through a field while dodging debris of the Brute ship and the Forerunner ships.

Interior: Pelican cockpit flying away from the wreckage.

The Master Chief is piloting the Pelican over a field of debris. While in the passenger bay, the Arbiter gets out of his seat and looks out the back window. He winces at the light emitted from the massive Brute ship as it explodes. A huge cloud of dust is pushed away from the explosion and engulfs the entire field. The dust catches the Pelican and shakes it. The Arbiter goes into the cockpit and stands next to the Chief's pilot seat. They look at each other. The Arbiter then looks out the window and sees a large pillar of debris. He points to it and yells

"SPARTAN LOOK OUT!" The Chief immediately swerves out of the way. He gently lands the Pelican after this close call.
Captain Keyes is over the COMM channel.

"Master Chief are you there. Repeat, Master Chief are you there. John are you alive? Kelly, Linda, Fred is anyone down there?"

The Chief then pushes a button on the control panel in front of him and says

"This is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. We've finished the fight."

Exterior: Courtyard at Vadam Keep.

All are gathered around a funeral pyre within the courtyard as the sun sets. In the blaze is Senc 'Vadamee's corpse. The courtyard if filled. Many Elites are gathered as well as Grunts and Hunters. The command crew of The Spirit of Fire is gathered as well. Captains Cutter and Keyes stand next to each other. Cutter stands with his hat off. Chief Mendez, Dr. Halsey, Professor Anders, and Sgt. Forge stand side by side.
All the Spartans are gathered as well. Cortana whispers to them.

"I think you should loose the helmets. You know, out of respect."

The Chief looks at his fellow Spartans and nods. They all raise their hands to their helms. All of the Elites, Grunts, and Hunters anxiously watch as they are about to see the faces of the fabled soldiers that had given them hell so many years before. They all remove their helmets exposing their faces. The former Covenant species are all surprised. They were expecting something else but instead they see faces which look like normal humans. They are especially surprised at the Spartan-III 's who most of which are no older than fifteen.
The Arbiter is standing next to the Chief. He looks upon his face for the first time.

"It is strange" he says, "we all thought of you Spartans as demons and monsters when you are truly no different then any other human."

"Things like that can be strange. I'm sorry about your father" says the Chief.

"I thank you for coming to our aid. Even though we did not ask it" says the Arbiter as he offers a handshake.

The Chief shakes his hand and says "You're welcome."

The two stop shaking hands and look upon the pyre.

"If something like this ever happens again, can we count on your people for help?" asks the Arbiter.

"Can we count on yours?" asks the Chief.
The two look upon the pyre and remain silent for a few moments.

"This alliance….it will last" says the Arbiter.

"Your right……. It will" says the Chief.

The camera then goes aerial above the courtyard and slowly zooms out.

Possibly Legendary Ending

Exterior: Field near Forerunner pyramid on Halo.

Thanoo and Auknet are have led a team of Forerunners to Installation 02 to salvage Covenant technology from the battlefield. They are all shocked to see that there are any destroyed vehicles, but very few weapons and no bodies.

"There is much wreckage." says Auknet

"But no bodies" Thanoo finishes.

They fear the worst. A Forerunner runs out of a bunker in the field and calls the two over.

"Thanoo! Auknet! Come quick!" he yells.

The two follow their companion into the bunker. It is dimly illuminated by a dark blue light. Thanoo and Auknet are led past several heavy security doors and down a lift. Their companion leads them into a room filled with what appear to be stasis tanks. The glass shields on them are all shattered.

"That stench!" says Auknet.

Thanoo kneels down and feels a slimy green substance on the floor.

"By the gods. What have they done?" he says softly.

"Call Everyone back to the ships! We're leaving now!" says Auknet with a great sense of urgency.

The Forerunner team runs for the door. Just before they make it there, it shuts and locks.

"Get it open!" screams Auknet.

"We're too late" says Thanoo with great sadness.

The dark blue light turns to pitch black. In the darkness the Forerunner team hears the shriek of the legendary beast that haunted their dreams as children. A ghoulish voice comes out of the darkness and says,

"Enemy of old, an eternity it has been. You're judgment has long been forestalled. Now you pay for your sin."