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Something to Remember
Posted By: Elitehunter676<brent_winfield@yahoo.com>
Date: 9 February 2005, 11:28 PM

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      As life goes on,
      We all turn back to see what we've done.
      What have I done?
      What have I done?

      Did I stop the Covenant?
      Did I end the War?
      I am no hero.

      I am a Marine.
      Trained to fight, trained to die.
      I watched friends faces vanish.
      I watched comrades die.

      For what?
      Did I gain anything?
      But I fought when called to do so.

      No one asks to be a hero.
      Nor do they want to be.
      Because in the end.
      The cost is more than can be bared.

      No one asks to be remembered.
      No one wants to make the sacrifice.
      But in the end that's what it takes.
      A sacrifice.

      A comrades life.
      Your life.
      Is it to much to bare.

      But if it wasn't.
      There would be no heros.
      Nor anyone remembered.
      And I think this war has many heros.

      What does this say to you.
      I pray it says.
      Never ask to be a hero.
      For it is far to much to bare alone.

      A testament to the bravery of those on both sides, Human and Covenant.

      Never ask to be a hero.

      Semper Fi.

An Anthem to war dead. And I hope everyone liked it.

Also on a more personnal note, it might be a while before my next Rites of Passage chapter, I had it written but it was erased by mistake. I guess you can live with my Liberty city story for a while.