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master chief and the wang monster
Posted By: ball master the masterbater<antherex@yahoo.com>
Date: 7 February 2009, 8:04 am

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One day mast chief went to the park. he dosent really go to the park that offten, so he was exsited to get there. when he got there he dident know how to explane what he was looking at. was looking at a 17 foot tall penis and it was about to slap him in the mouth. master chief quickly rolled out of the way. he was still stunned at the marvle he was looking at he dident know what to do, so he took out his assalt rifle and started shooting at it. after a wile he started to notice that the penis was twitching. he dident think much of it at the time. about 10 minute later the penis monster shoots the biggest load in his direction that he dosent even have enough time to get out of the way. master chief gets his right in the face with a 10 pound load from a penis monster. master chief was stuck he couldent move. he couldent do anything. the moster could kill him in an instant. he waited and waited but nothing happend. about 2 hours went by and the penis monster just sat there laying to its right in satisfaction. master chief had to think of something to do before he got killed but this monster.master chief started talking to cortana. now cortana would do anything for master chief but not everything she had to do was what she wanted to do. master chief asked her to talk to the monster and see if it could communicate. cortana went on a big hologram and started to talk to the penis. the first thing she said was hello im cortana, and the penis started to move like it could understand her.so she started to talk more and more. soon the penis was at full mass and was a throbbing erection. at this point cortana dident know what to do. she said can you talk. and the penis said "I am Wang Lord the Third" what do you wish to talk about. cortana was stumpt she dident think this moster could talk. so she said why have you attack my friend master chief. the monster said i wasent attacking him i was merly trying to play with im at the park, and when he started shooting well i realised i needed to bust a load off so i did. cortana looked back in discust, and said what are you wang losr the third. and the monster said i am the penis of the earthi rise every couple of centurys to fuck the moon. cortana replyed " that dosent make any sence we have never seen a vagina on the moon. the penis said there is one, but it also only comes out every so offten. now is my time to get some pussy. so step aside im going to get laid. cortana said wait. the penis looked back with anger, and said what. cortana said could you atleast free my friend. the penis said " ohh my bad", and swiped master chief out of the cumm and put him down on the ground. master chief was still coverd with cumm but was happy to atleast be free. the penis the arose and started to fuck the moon. moans could be heard across the galaxy from the moon. wile the moon was being pounded by the earth a strange thing happend after every pelvic thrust the earth would get some of its natural beauty back. as master chief and cortana watched this strage event they relised that when this happend the earth healed its self. they sat there and waited for the earth and the moon to get finished with there buisness. it took the earth 5 days to get done having sex with the moon. as soon as the earth was done master chief taped his shaft, and asked why do you only do this every couple of centurys. the penis replyed because the moon is a bitch and wont have sex with him and othere time. then the penis said atleast she blows be every decade. master chief then asked are you too seeing each other. the penis said no shes one of my hoes like satern and jupiter. master chief said the planets are alive. the penis said yes they all are. master chief said how come you havent talked to us any othere time. the penis said because ive ben selling my hoes to the other planets. master chief said can you only talk with your penis out. the penis said no but its the only way that any of you humans would beleive its me not some stupid god. this mad master chief mad because he beleived in god, so he said so your saying theres no god. the penis said no there is not. master chief was filled with rage. so he through a sticky granade at the penis. he penis then had a tiny explostion on its side. the penis got angery and then it swiped down and hit master chief. master chief went flying into a building. when he finaly got up he looked at the penis and the started running at it. the penis dident think he could do anything to him and just stayed a bit tilted to the left aimed right at him. master chief was running full speed at the penis with 2 sticky granades in his hands. master chief ran right into the head of the penis and straight into the pee hole. in a split second the head of the penis and master chief were blown into a thousand bits.just after that happend the earth started shaking. the earth was falling apart. no one had a chance to get off of the earth before it exploded. in about 10 seconds the earth was blown away. the only thing lefy of the earth was one tiny pice of ball from the earths penis. it had something attached to it. it was master chiefs hand, and it had the middle finger up.