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pineapple nades 'n flavored bullets : CH. 1
Posted By: anorexichippo<anorexichippo@yahoo.com>
Date: 6 September 2009, 7:43 am

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CH. 1

August 30, 2552
0633 Hours

       "C'mon Lieutenant. Get up. Lieutenant …"

      Baqir's thick accent resounded through Kaimana's, or "Kai" to his teammates, head. Kai opened his eyes to see the dark staff sergeant staring straight back at him.

       "Alright sir, let's get you on your feet."

       "How long was I out?"

       "Not long… You seem to be functional… You're good to go sir," Baqir replied as he polarized his helmet.

      Kai instinctively went for his rifle, only to realize that it was missing. He felt naked and exposed without a weapon. He looked around to see no other troopers around him.

       "Where is everyone."

       "Not far. We should be at their position in less than a minute," Baqir answered as started to he walk.

      As he followed, Kai tried to remember what had happened. The last thing he remembered was his pod entering a cloud. After that, nothing.

       "Baqir, what happened?" Kai asked as he crept through the woods.

      Baqir stopped for a moment to collect his thoughts, "Mostly everyone made it, your pod hit a banshee on the way down. It's amazing that you didn't die, sir. The survivors are setting up defenses at the objective as we speak."

      No matter how hard he tried, Kai couldn't remember. The fact that he blacked out was bugging him. First the jump, now the blackout. This was one of his worst mission performances yet.

       "Shamira, this is Gunnery Sergeant Baqir with Lieutenant Kaimana. We're coming out on your northwest. Hold fire, I repeat, hold fire to the port side.

      Kai walked out of the forest and saw death. The valley in between the two hills was scorched black and there was that smell in the air. The smell of burning bodies, human and Covenant. Even though his suit had a filter system, he smelled the death pierce through his nostrils and felt it seep through his armor into his skin. Kai and Baqir reached the rest of the ODST's at the ONI Facility C-013. Shamira let the two in through the barricade.

       "Baqir, they need help with the charges in sub-level B."


      Kai immediately walked over to a pile of weapons and picked out an MA5C, along with two M6D's, and three grenades.

       "Anything I need to know?" he asked.

       "Captain Violet, Banzai, and six others went to exfil Admiral Larsons' family," Shamira answered.

       "Where's the rest."

       "Magic took Kleio and three others to level five to help the scientists destroy all the data and experimental weapons so you're in charge here. Sandalio, Raz, Luna, and about twenty more are here with us."

      Kai took a moment to survey the surrounding area. "What happened here?"

       "Rubble in front of us used to be a bunker. Group of marines and MP's were defending the place. Elite ordered a plasma drop on himself. Destroyed the bunker and everything around it. Satellite imaging shows the Covies regrouping. The second wave should come anytime now. Oh, speak of the devil."

      A lone Elite, his armor a shimmering yellow appeared at the other end of the valley.

       "Raz,banana man at eleven," Kai said as he turned to see where Orazio positioned himself, but the shot was never taken.

       "Raz, what're you waiting for?"

      Kai turned around to see an ocean of Covenant forces charging towards their position.

       "Troopers! Heads up, we got company."

26 hours before Kai's drop

      Kai waited as Monday put a breaching charge on the door. He took a step back, remembering Monday's tendency to make explosives more powerful than needed.

       "Watch it Ell-tee."

      Kai had accidently stepped into Luna. Before he could apologize, Monday blew the door open.
Kleio was the first one in; she was an expert at close quarters combat. Before Kai even got to the door, he heard three bodies hit the floor.

       "All clear."

       "Sandalio, take Luna and Monday. Get in position to capture the Rebel General. Baqir and Kleio, we're going in through the roof. Shamira, make sure our escape route is secure."

      Kai, Baqir, and Kleio made their way up into the roof as Sandalio and his team continued on to the General's quarters. Once there, Kai and his team rappelled down and prepared to enter the room.

      -Ell-tee, this is Sandalio, we're in position.

       "On your mark sir."

       "Flash and clear, now!"

      Baqir threw two flash bangs into the room. The rebel's cried out in surprise as they went off. Kai and his team broke in through the windows. Baqir landed on a rebel and instinctively threw his fist out. Kleio slid across the room, duel-wielding her SMG and magnum, spraying lead all over the place. Sandalio burst into the room with the other two behind him, guns blazing.

       "YYYeeeaaahh! The Daredevils are in the house!"

      -End simulation!

      Violet's voice rang out through the system. The ODST's stopped all actions and stood still. The Captain entered the room and stomped over to Kai.

       "Lieutenant, what was your objective."

       "Ma'am, to capture the Rebel General."

       "What is the General's status?"

      Kai looked around until he found the "General". The objective was covered from head to toe in red paint.

       "Ma'am, he seems to be incapacitated."

       "That means mission failure trooper and as team leader, you get full responsibility. Dismissed."

      The team geared down and went to the barracks to take a break. They were at one side of the room, segregated from the rest of the personnel.

       "Fuck, I don't get why the Captain's so mad about. Who cares if the 'objective' was compromised? Rebels are the least the UNSC has to worry about right now."

       "That's not the point Kleio, we fucked up big time. Hell, you're probably the one that killed it, right Baqir?"

      Baqir looked up from the book he was reading. "There is no one to blame. What happened happened. I believe that our combat performance was excellent, but our overall performance was not."

       "Yo, at least you guys got to shoot something, I just sat there jerkin off," Orazio complained.

      Monday threw a wad of paper at Orazio. "Raz, stop whining like a little bitch-

       "Why don't all of you just shut the fuck up. Some of us are trying to sleep here."

      A Marine stepped up and challenged the arguing troopers. Before things could get out of hand, Kai took control of his troopers. "Everyone out. To the Mess Hall, let's get something to eat."

      Captain Violet let out a deep breath as she poured herself a glass of water. She was frustrated at the Lt. Kaimana.

       "He's a natural leader," she thought, "but also a hell raiser. He shoots first and never asks questions. Cold?"

      Violet's cup of water had filled up and spilled out on her hand.

       "Shit," she exclaimed as she set the cup down, "damn it Kai, you're the biggest troublemaker I've ever met."

       "Captain Violet, Lieutenant Maurice Evans reporting."

       "Great timing." she muttered, "Come in Lieutenant."

       "You wanted to see me ma'am?"

       "Yes, it's about Lieutenant Kaimana. I'm told that you've known him since childhood."

       "Yes ma'am. I've known him since grade school. I heard about today's simulation, I'll talk to him ma'am. It'll never happen again."

       "Operation HYPODERMIC requires us to be discreet and to be able to follow orders. I'm afraid I won't be able to use such a destructive trooper on this mission. He has disregarded orders countless times and can't be trusted to lead others to a successful mission. I thought I'd be helping myself if I got you to tell him yourself, you being friends and all."

      Maurice, or Magic, had been staring at the ground. He knew all this was true and that it was inevitable that Kai got kicked out of the op. He was just surprised that she wasn't going to demote him.

       "I'll talk to him ma'am. He's a good guy, he'll understand."

      Magic turned and opened the door, only to be run over by a large Japanese trooper.


       "Banzai, slow down before you kill me."

      Banzai got off of Magic and tried to catch his breath. "Fight…in…mess hall A…"

       "Don't tell me, Kai?"

      Banzai collapsed onto the floor as he gave Magic the 'okay' sign. While Magic ran out the door, Violet walked over to Banzai.

       "You're an ODST, yet you have the worst stamina ever Corporal," she said as she helped him up, "here, drink some water."

      Magic could hear the commotion before he even reach the Mess Hall. People were swearing, screaming in pain. At the entrance, a group of MP's were standing aloof and talking amongst themselves.

       "What're you waiting for? Aren't you going to stop this?" Magic demanded.

      The MP's looked at Magic as if he was crazy. "We're not going to get involved now. It's dangerous."

       "You have stun guns!"

       "There's only four of us and a shitload of them."

       "You guys have weapons."

       "Look, we honestly don't give a rat's ass. If you can't fight, you shouldn't have joined the Corps, and aren't you one of them? You guys started it, have the balls to finish it."

       "Not all of us are like that asshole."

       "Just because we're not fighting doesn't mean we're pussies," the MP said as he drew his baton, "you're gonna regret calling me that."

      The MP's activated their batons and slowly circled Magic. Before they could strike, a rolling pin struck their leader in the head, knocking him out. The other MP's turned to see Kai switching his rolling pin for the baton.

       "Four versus one. That's so unfair for you guys. Magic's like an expert at Krav Maga. I'm more of a fencer myself."

      Magic used this distraction to disarm and knock out the MP closest to him. Kai struck one in the face, knocking him out. The last MP couldn't decide who to attack first. In this fraction of a second, Magic brought his foot down on the MP's knee, bringing him to the ground. Kai finished him off with a strike on the head.

       "You don't fence."

       "I watched a documentary on it once. It so was pretty good. I'll show it to you sometime."

      Magic thrust his index finger into Kai's chest. "Don't act all friendly with me. There's a free-for-all going on behind you and I know you're responsible."

       "Whoa, slow down. You're pointing that index on me, but you got three fingers going right back at ya."

       "That's not the point."

       "What point are you talking about? Finger point, point man point, or maybe-"

       "Kai! I'm serious."

       "Alright, calm down already. We didn't start it this time. During the sim, Baqir slugged this guy by reflex. Broke his nose. Fucker comes back with his friends and picks a fight with us. We were just defending ourselves."

      Magic ripped two flash grenades out of the unconscious MP. He pulled the pins and threw them into the crowd. Kai and Magic covered their eyes before the grenades went off. The Mess Hall A was illuminated by a bright light, temporarily blinding everyone inside. Kai and Magic pushed their way through the crowd to a corner of the room where their troopers were fighting at.

       "Guys, shoulder to shoulder," Kleio ordered, "Line up shoulder to shoulder."

      Kai grabbed Orazio's arm but before he could identify himself, Orazio lashed out on him.

       "Raz! Stop it! It's me, Kai!"

       "Sorry, Ell-tee. Can't see, some asswipe threw a flash."

       "That was me Raz," Magic said, "everyone link arms and let's get the fuck out of here."

1 hour before Kai's drop
UNSC Euphrates

      Raz was walking around the barracks of the Euphrates, observing the interior design like a baby observing a new toy. "Man, this place is ballin. The last frig we were on is goat shit compared to this one."

       "Raz, calm down. You do this on every ship."

       "Kai, consider yourself lucky that the Captain decided to let you stay on this mission," Magic said, "you know you were gonna get cut."

      Kai threw his duffel bag onto the top bunk and jumped on. "Yeah, but she deprived me of my officers quarters. Now that's some bullshit right there."

       "I don't want to hear you complaining. You somehow dragged me into this situation also. Why do I have to sleep here, I didn't do anything wrong."

       "Dude, everything-"

      -All personnel report to your stations. This is not a drill. Repeat…

       "What, I just got up here."

      Monday stepped out of the showers with nothing but a bewildered look on his face. "Are they for real? I just got in the fucking showers."

       Magic lowered his head to hide his laughter as he gave out orders. "It's real Monday. Everybody gear up and head to the pods, ASAP."

      Captain Violet stood in front of the kneeling ODST's. "Lieutenant Evans, head count."

       "All 50 present and accounted for ma'am."

       "Troopers, there's no easier way to say this. The Covenant are here." Violet paused to let the murmurs die down, "I don't know how they found Reach, but I do know how they die. Operation HYPODERMIC has been scrubbed. Our mission now is to drop into Reach and defend it. We'll be inserted near ONI Facility C-013. It is imperative that we defend the facility until the ONI agents have purged all the data and destroyed all the experimental technology. Any question?"

      Shamira raised her hand. "What happens after that, ma'am?"

      The Captain put on her helmet and polarized the visor. "Assuming that you're still alive by then, run around and kill anything that's not human. Everyone to your pods."

      Kai secured his Assault Rifle into his pod and got in himself. The pod then was shifted into place. In front of him was Luna and behind him was Baqir.

      Captain Violet came up on the screen. "Good luck troopers. Meet you groundside or the other side. Queue the music."

      Music started to play in Kai's HEV pod as it was being released. The music wasn't up to date. The lyrics were about the end of the world. Great choice Kai thought, tightly grabbed onto his handlebars as he plummeted towards Reach. He saw Luna's pod engage its chute, held his breath prayed that his would do the same. Freak stories about malfunctioning pods that would send their occupants to death scared even the most hardened trooper. He continued breathing when he felt a little bump as his pod activated his chute. Seconds later, his breaking rockets engaged as he entered into a cloud.