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Demon and the Bane: A Poem
Posted By: Travis Lally<tlally1986@gmail.com>
Date: 28 January 2012, 7:28 pm

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The Demon and the Bane

Upon scorched earth he stands alone
Writhing in his plight
With ease his memory returns
To watch the Demon's flight

The stars above shone cold and hard
Alighting those who slept
The Hunter wandered from the path
To where the Demon crept

A coldness gripped his brother's heart
Torn cruelly from his dreams
Beneath the looming blade of moon
His Kin began to seethe

He sensed a malice in the dark
Saw through his brother's eyes
A looming presence in the night
Marked where the demon lie

The Demon leapt with lightning speed
The wind and stars fell still
There is no time to pay them heed
When Demons strike to kill

The brother met the Demon's gaze
His eyes a mirrored mask
He saw reflected his own hate
Unto this darkling task

The Hunter bellowed out his rage
He cursed the Demon's might
But when his eyes returned to see
They found only starlight

The Hunters shared a bond of flesh
Which supersedes mere tie
For how can one be said to live
Who's soul is rend to die

And so the Hunter stands alone
As night begins to fade
A warrior of flesh and bone
Who's heart the Demon's slain

But on he plods to fight again
A vengeance on his mind
Instilling fear he stalks the night
The bane of Demon's kind