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Infestation Chapter 2: Emergence
Posted By: Spencer Gregoire<spencergregoire@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 31 October 2008, 2:30 am

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Chapter 2: Emergence

Police Commissioner Robert Alexton could not quiet believe what he heard. But with calls flooding in, and an entire team of SWAT officers dead, he was becoming increasingly convinced. Much to his dismay, this was far worse then a simple isolated disturbance.

"Call the National Guard; let them know what is going on. If this infection can spread and hit our population, our policemen will not be adequate to stop it." Melissa spun on her heels, and exited his office. He keyed his radio, his words may spark laughter or disbelief, but he had to get his men ready. "All units, mobilize, be ready to fight, the disturbances that have been going on have spread, soon they will strike into the heart of our town." The small town did not have by any means an impressive array of potential defense, aside from the single SWAT team; the station had ten cars, and twenty combat ready officers. But until the National Guard could be mobilized, it was the best he could do.

"Sir," Melissa was back; her previously stoic look had been replaced with sheer terror. "Reports of more attacks, only about a half of a mile out from the town center, it is midday, those streets are very crowded, a lot of people are going to under attack." That was all Robert needed to hear,

"Get everyone to that shopping complex, and begin evacuation as soon as possible."

Taylor Hopkins was an average single man. Despite the reports of growing disturbances near the main shopping center, there was food that needed getting. Personally he didn't feel that the situation was going to escalate, the police would be dispatched, and the problem would be solved. That was all that he needed to know. Taylor did however feel slightly concerned; he scanned the hill, which the shopping mall was at the base of, many times on the way in. He found nothing. On the way out, as he was walking to the car, a small tug in his subconscious caused him to look up at the hill. He released his grip on his cart, and stood dazed in the middle of the street. Dozens of figures were making their way down the hill.

"Hey, Jackass, get out of the road." Taylor turned towards the person who was responsible for the outburst. He stared at him blankly then pointed towards the hill. The man's face paled, "Holy shit, I'm getting the hell outta here he got back into his car. The figures on the hill were close now, they faded from his view, Taylor could not move for a moment, completely paralyzed with fear.

"Everyone, get out of here now!" This sheer terror gripping his voice drew the attention of dozens of people. They paused, and then looked at the figures; a horrible scream came from the column of the previously human monsters. Everyone began to run, but for many, it was too late. Taylor ran towards his car. But was cut off by a pair of cars crashing into one another, He jumped over the hood, and then continued to run. The screams from both monster and human were getting closer, pure fright increased his speed. He rounded the next corner, and was hit by a car, although it was not moving very fast, he was still flipped up onto the hood of the car. By the time he got up again, he had been over taken. The only reason he had not been killed in that instant, was the fact that other people distracted the monsters. He used the distraction to slip away, he had to get to a phone, and call 911. Then he realized the uselessness of the effort. From the corner, like a gift from god, came no less then ten police vehicles.

Sergeant Bill Davis had regretted laughing at the reports, why would we need ten police vehicles, he had said to himself. He wished that fate had chosen not to answer that question. Dozens of mutated looking humans were rampaging through the parking lot, they were spilling into the streets, wrecked cars stopped traffic, and the policemen had to use the grass to drive into the parking lot. Davis exited the car, shot gun in hand. One of the cars was an LRV type vehicle, with a .50 cal fixed onto the top. The gunner was laying down covering fire.

"All units, move vehicles to block all roads out, contain these things to this lot." Davis was the first one in, so all the cars lined up with him, then the officers got out. The position was on the top of a small hill. Some vehicles went to the other mouth into the parking lot. If the officers they could stop theses "things" from overtaking them, they could control this outbreak. The creatures seemed to be a disorganized mob at first, but they became more intelligent as the assimilated more hosts. It seemed as if every one of these things communicates, and the more minds they have; the better they could analyze situations, and learn from mistakes. He witnessed them moving in packs, trapping several civilians at certain choke points, limiting their mobility. Then, other infested contacts swarmed the trapped citizens; the massacre was too painful to watch. Once the civilians were killed, small infectious forms swept in. They turned the dead citizens into one of them. After several minutes, the newly reinforced mob surged towards the police officers, the shooting started in full force.

"Fire at will," Davis needed no further encouragement, he fired his 9mm. into the mob. The combined fire from the LRV and the officers cut down the creatures. The lines receded quickly, then reformed, and charged again. Why don't they commit more to this area? Davis questioned, it looks like they're just trying to hold – Davis stopped in his thoughts, he could not believe that he was about to be out maneuvered by a horde of zombies.

"Contacts, many more of them, on the right side of the complex, we can't hold them." Davis cursed his lack of foresight. The mob in front of them began to leave. These creatures were wisely committing troops to the breakthrough. They were faster then normal humans, and thus, could easily surround the fleeing citizens. I didn't sign up for this shit. Davis was not about to stand by while they were surrounded and slaughtered like all the rest.

"It's hopeless, they are gonna surround us, we have to get out of here."

"Stay where you are, we have a job to do." The Police Captain was not going to convince him to stay, this was useless. Davis hefted the shotgun. He turned and ran. The mob of infected had spread, he was now only one of hundreds, trying to flee death. But the monsters were fast as lightning, and quite literally packed an enormous punch. They could also jump about ten meters, and slowly began to kill most of the citizens.

One of them latched onto his back, he fell the ground, and tried to wrestle the thing off, but it was very strong. The monster battered his chest, and scratched his face. Searing pain cut through his body. Davis was a big man, but this thing was quite clearly in the midst of rage. The police Sergeant tried to gain some momentum and flip this thing onto its back, but it fought hard to stay on top. He managed to roll over, an get the creature on its back, but it simply countered with a hard swift punch into the stomach. Davis flew back about a meter, the shock of the punch left him dazed. He got up to get his shotgun, the creature tackled him. The blow knocked the wind out of him. Blackness faded in, pain, and weariness rendered his movements a desperate assortment of arm flailing. Davis finally managed to get some leverage against a car. He pushed off with his feet, and rammed the creature's head into another car. The first blow did nothing but anger it more. Davis continued to batter the thing against the car. The creature seemed stunned for a moment, which was all Davis needed; he then threw the monster about a meter, away. Davis grabbed his shotgun, and then spun on his heels, he took careful aim. The monster got back to its feet, and sprinted towards the wounded officer. Fighting to calm his shaking hands, and squinting to see through the disorientation, he managed to line the iron sights for a shot. Davis pumped a single round into the creature's stomach. The force from the shotgun spray caused it to double over. The weakened officer could barely keep the gun steady after the recoil. The monster shook of the pain, and then charged again. With his last bit of energy, Davis managed to aim the gun in the creature's direction, as it was about to deliver one last death blow, Davis squeezed the trigger; the spray tore into its upper torso into pulp. Screams resonated from the former-human. Then it fell silent, and landed on the officer. The Sergeant pushed the corpse off of him, revealing three more monsters bearing down on him. Even at full strength, with raging adrenaline, Davis would be outmatched by just one of these things in hand to hand combat. Three of them would tear him to confetti. But they never go the chance. The LRV made road-kill out of them.

"Hop in," the Sergeant was grateful for the rescue, the men were either unaware of his desertion, or did not care. In any case, he was happy to be getting the hell out.

"Commissioner," the voice of an annoyed National Guard major made Robert feel angry, he had no time for this. "You do realize how ridiculous this sounds?" Of course I do he thought to himself, but today had proven anything but normal. With the majority of his men dead, and the town now helpless against this assault, he needed the Major to understand. Any more delays would draw out the already far-too-slow mobilization speed of the National Guard. He did not have much time before his own office was overrun.

"Look, I don't have time for this. My men are dead, and my town is almost overrun." At that moment, Melissa came thru the door, holding up a video tape. Robert nodded, and then spoke into the phone. "About that proof you wanted, I'm pleased to inform you that some has just arrived."