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Grey Fox | Part 1
Posted By: Rtas Vadumee<yeahyou84@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 September 2009, 12:36 am

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:>// Message from ONI AI Cold Mind serial number CMD 0453-0:
: To: Fleet Admiral Eve
: November 05, 2531.
: Time: 13:30

Previous assignments to this mission resorted in failure. Spartans 002, 089, and 057 were sent to investigate the disappearance of an entire planet's populace from current UNSC maps on 3 separate occasions; all ending in failure. The said planet's people, dubbed "Planet X", went missing on October 21, 2531. One partial video was recovered from a transmission Spartan 002 sent out, moments before being killed (see attached{1}). All contact was lost with Spartans 089 and 057 as soon as they landed on the planets surface. In short Admiral, I'm asking you to review the facts (see attached{2}) and come to assist ONI with this subject.

Eve sat in his captain's chair that stood like a throne inside a beast of metal. He scrolled the message down on his view screen and began to watch the attachment. It depicted the view of what was going on through the point of view of the Spartan. All seemed well and good at first. Well, as good as a burnt, charred, and barren planet can look. Then all of a sudden a very sudden black flicker caught Eve's eye in the corner of the screen. He freeze framed and backed the video up frame by frame until he could see the shape clearly. It was unlike anything he had ever seen in his life. It was shaped like an Elite whose neck had been snapped, but it had an extremely large arm on one side and tentacles growing out of what he assumed was the chest area.

"Dear Lord, what the hell am I looking at," he asked the ship's AI.

The speakers sparked to life and answered him, "Checking.. It's unknown sir."

He studied the screen for hours trying to think of what the creature was. Its time.

Eve stood up, "Wake up our sleeping friend. We have a mission for him."

The ship responded instantly, "Aye, sir. Its time to crack the seal of time that holds the secret to protect humanity."

This better be the right choice..


"This is the bridge to Cryo. Unlock the cassette that holds the frozen dead."

Sam nudged his work buddy. "Is he being serious?"

"I dunno, but we better do what he says. You go down and brief Grey Fox on what he's waking up to, " Tom pushed him away toward the stairs.

Sam walked down the stairs toward the Cryo tubes, all the while grumbling under his breath. Why I have to be the one who has to face this guy? He creeps the hell out of me...

He arrived in front of the Tube holding the so called Grey Fox, and started to punch in security overrides and codes while Tom was behind the glass walls punching in other codes and monitoring vital signs and brain waves. He made Sam go down because he didn't feel like walking, but there was another reason.. He was afraid that Fox was still rampant. Fox was a Spartan II who went rampant after being trapped in a Covenant maze for 5 five years and the only way the UNSC could contain him was to tranquilize him and throw him into Cryo sleep. Tom couldn't do anything but shiver in fear at the thought.

Sam whispered over his headset to Tom, "open in 3, 2..." He took a deep breath and pushed the release button, "1."

The holes on the sides of the glass tube ejected jets of ice and frozen air, chilling the room slightly. The ice on the front of the tube began to thaw, allowing Sam to ,unwillingly, view the sleeping Spartan. His green armour looked like it was glowing under the pale light in the Cryo Bay. Sam punched in another code that unlocked the tube door and raised it up.

Sam was worried. He muttered to himself. Is he alive? Is he still rampant? I'm scared. Really scared.

Fox began to shift around, and moved his head to look at Sam through the fog of ice. He was frozen in place as the Spartan seemed to stare into his soul probing for a weakness in his frail mind. He raised one green clad hand and then the other and pulled himself out and stood before Sam, staring down at him. He felt himself shrink at the size of the Spartan. He stumbled for words, "Sir..? We.. We need your help. ONI request."

Fox looked down at the small crewman. "What is it that you need?"