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Brotherhood In War: The Calm Before The Storm
Posted By: Roxer<carrotheadxxl93@aim.com>
Date: 9 March 2009, 2:27 am

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December 13, 2548
21st Batallion, H Company, Squad 9
Fredrickson Valley, Planet Tigris

The alarm rang throughout the compound. We ran to our positions, guns at the ready. As we ran through the compound,plasma cannon fire rained down, and banshees swarmed the skies above. Once we got to the trench at the front of our base, everything went quiet. No more plasma fire and the banshees that were flying above us minutes ago were leaving the scene. All that remained on the field in front of us was a heavy smoke screen. We stood at the ready, guns pointed ready to fire at the first grunt we saw.

"Where did they go?" whispered Joe as we wait patiently.

Connor than replied, "I don't know but, I got a bad feeling on this one." He than began to sweat profusely, and shake where he stood.

I was confused along with everybody else on the frontline. Where did they go? Was the barrage of mortar fire just to soften our camp up for a later attack? Was this a distraction? Just as I thought that a huge explosion sounded from behind us, inside the camp. We turned to see the base in flames, we stared in awe. Then the entire trench opened fire. I turned around to see a line of elites drop their active camoflauge and charge our position. Battle screams echoed the valley and fifty calliber rounds ripped through the bodies. Grenades flew back and forth and soldiers fell. Explosion after explosion, and after seeing many marines fall, I knew we couldn't hold the line even if we had double the soldiers. A plasma shell exploded right next to me. I got up, dazed by the blast and retrieved my gun from the bloody ground. The line began to fall and we retreated. As I hopped out of the trench, I saw Connor cowering in a corner.

"Get up! C'mon the line is falling!" I shouted and I picked him up and we ran towards the inner compound.

Along the way, we met up with Johnson, Brett, Joe, Kevin and we continued to flee from the camp.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"We have to get a warthog and get away from this place, fast." Johnson replied.

We travled to the vehicle depot, fast and full with caution. Joe opened the door, stepped inside, looked bothe ways, and signaled us to come inside. The rest of us got inside and saw that there was two warthogs left.

"Alright, Connor and Kevin prepare the hogs, make sure the turrets got ammo while I get the keys for them. Joe, Brett, and Todd get guns, nades, and ammo. Meet back here in twenty seconds." Johnson commanded.

Joe, Brett, and I went to the back and grabbed some BR55's, a sniper rifle, two rocket launchers, and grenades. We even found some plasma grenades, so now we can give the Covenant some of their own medicine. After we got the guns, we met back with the others and boarded the hogs. It was Johnson, Connor, and Kevin in the first one, and Brett, Joe, and me in the other. With no hesitation we drove these combat ready jeeps right through the doors and out of the compound. As we left, we ran over some grunts and their blood covered the windshield. Then, just as we thought we were clear two ghosts zoomed right up behind us, and began firing.

"Here." Brett said as he took one hand off the wheel, and handed me a plasma nade to throw.

I chucked it at the hovering purple machine and it stuck to the driver, and soon after I threw it an explosion followed. Shouts from the vehicles filled the air as the Covenant vehicle dropped. Now, only one remains. Joe and Kevin's machine gun fire wasn't able to hit the last elusive ghost. The ghost turned towards us and hit the speed boosters and it tripped out vehicle up and sent it tumbling over. I held for dear life as we rolled over and over again. Once it stopped me and Brett crawled out of our seats to see Joe on the ground unconscious. As I crawled out with half of my body still inside the wreckage the ghost stopped and began to hover right in front of me. I desperately reached for the rocket launcher, only a few inches away. The creature began to laugh at me, it started to fly right at me. Then when it almost neared me the other warthog came rolling in, going at least sixty miles per hour, smashed the ghost in half. Then the warthog came back. They got out and helped us back to our feet. Quickly, Connor removed the turret in the back and we placed Joe in, carefully. Brett and I also hopped in the back. We took off all giving sighs of relief.

"We ain't out of it yet!" Kevin yelled from the passenger seat, as a wraith appeared right in front of us.

Strangely, it did not fire. We stopped in front of it. I began to sweat, not knowing what will happen next. Then the hatch opened and a marine popped out.

"Do any yall know how this works?" The marine replied in a Southern accent.

We laughed.

"Is there a rally point survivors from the attack are gathering at?" Johnson asked.

"Well what I heard the base was carpet bombed and the attack was repelled." We dropped our heads in respect for any marines caught in that blast.

"Yall can follow me I'm going there right now."

"Lead the way." Johnson replied

"Alright, if I can find out how this damn contraption works.

December 13, 2548
21st Batallion, H Company, Squad 9
Fredrickson Valley, At The Base of Hill 1215, Planet Tigris

We stopped our warthog at a makeshift fence, and a marine posted at the gate approached our vehicle.

"Is this the rally point?" asked Johnson.

"Follow the path straight and you'll see the rest." replied the guard.

We continued up the path and seen the many men from our camp. Some lay wounded getting operated on by medics. The others not injured rest by their guns. We parked the jeep and rushed Joe to the nearest medical tent. Brett and I took him in while the others dispersed. I approached the doctor and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Doc, my friend here...our hog flipped and when we got out he was unconscious."

"Okay, carefully set him down here." He pointed to an empty tabel and we placed him down.

We left the tent and began to search for the others. Then static came from big loudspeakers posted on the trees.

"Attention to all able to fight personnel, report to the center for your orders."

We looked at eachother, and walked to the center of the camp. Once we got there a crowd already was formed. Brett and I pushed our way through the masses of people and we eventually found the rest of them.

"How's Joe?" asked Kevin

"The doctor didn't say, but I think he'll be okay." assured Brett.

Then an older man stepped up onto the stage in the middle and the crowd faced him.

"Soldiers of the UNSC. You have been through a lot today. You have seen fellow soldiers or possibly even friends fall at your feet and die. I promise you as an officer of the UNSC Marines, that they will not die in vein. I gathered us here at the bottom of this hill to tell you, revenge will be given to those alien bastards. We have lost communication to other planets, and the only way to do that is the communication gear at the top of this hill. Tomorrow we will begin our march up this hill, and call for retrieval and reinforcements, so we can get back at those bastards, but...this will be no easy feat. The Covenant have taken this hill already and are dug in good. They know the importance of this hill and won't give it up without a fight. If it's a fight they want. We'll give em' one. Tomorrow at noon, we will march up with speed and determination, and kill any non-human looking thing in our way. So get some rest for tomorrow the day is ours."

Following that, a roar came from the crowd. Maybe that speech gave us the momentum we needed to get over today's loss. Shortly after the crowd dispersed, and we took up camp next to the medical tent, Joe was in. I took my helemt off and layed on the ground. I put my BR55 close by my side and shut my eyes and tried to think good tohughts. I try to think these next few days will be easy, but I know what tomorrow has in store for me, and the rest of us.