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Halo: Origins of Fate Chapter 1 A1
Posted By: Ren_or_Robotlouisstevenson<renthedragon@yahoo.com>
Date: 3 December 2009, 10:15 pm

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[Some characters of this story are FURRY characters, You do not have to read this if you don't want to. Do not whine for me trying to mix two damn good Genres together. So please, sit back and enjoy the story if you wish to read on. Also, this is a resubmit, because My original post had the same title as someone else's story...]

Halo: Origins of Fate
Chapter 01
July 12, 2556
UNSC Frigate FFG 733-55, Ascending Eve
Callisto Star system, Barnard 33[Horsehead Nebula]
00 Hours

"We're not sure why they've taken prisoners, They never take prisoners, Unless it was to test something on us, and knowing the brutes, most likely something hazardous... In that case, we do not have much time" Commander Greene stated with concern, the look in her emerald eyes even expressed her worry.
Starsk rubbed the stubble on his chin, still bearing that plain expression on that pale mug of his, It sickened him to know that Brutes would even consider humans their personal guinea pigs. Greene had stated in the briefing that the Covenant landed here on Thesus 3 days earlier, they destroyed local UNSC units, thus cutting off contact with outer worlds, ONI Recon came in to investigate what happened, and called in the Eve to take back the city after local UNSC units failed.
Omega team was apart of the 105th division, Starsk was renowned for his experience in the war, having fought on Harvest and Reach, He lost his wife and children on Harvest, making him a cold blooded soldier with hearty respect for other marines, regardless of rank. Tall was one of the newer ODSTs, Having just graduated from the academy, he is the youngest ODST to have become apart of Omega, he quickly became friends with Kayode Kuti, or West as he is known on Omega, West was one of the more veteran ODSTs, a practitioner of medical and Long ranged weaponry. There was Dill, he was almost like Starsk in many ways, only he had a softer heart, but a thick hide, not only his friend, He idolizes Starsk as his mentor, and obeys every given order from him. And there was Max, he was one of the more mysterious ODSTs recently transferred, he doesn't say much, but he was a good trooper, having become an ODST in the ending months of the war, he has not seen a whole lot of combat as a trooper, but he had fought and survived the battle of Installation 00. He was also a top notch marksman, and an adept wielder of the shotgun.
"So you want us to drop in, clock the civilians out and see what our old friends are up to then? Sounds simple...." Starsk said simply.
"It isn't simple, We're not sure what to expect, so I'm sending one of my special ONI troopers down with you, as far as the mission goes, she's in control, when she pulls the plug, I want you to pull your men out of there, are we clear sergeant?" Greene said with a cold glare on her face, apparently Starsk had disobeyed Naval orders before.
Starsk glared back at her before sighing, "Transparently..." he said sternly, he was the type who did not like to take orders from the Navy at all, especially on how to do things with "his" squad.
Greene nods, looking up to him as her eyes moved over to his squad behind him over his shoulder. Starsk stepped out of the way to allow Greene to give her speech to his squad.
"Troopers, This mission has been classified as a high priority... Once the Covenant have set up their base of operations in the main town center, Covenant units have tripled since their arrival, No other Covenant ship has been arriving, They are up to something. We also have unconfirmed reports of Elites affiliating with brute forces down on the ground..."

"Elites and Brutes working together? You'd be surprised they aren't trying to kill each other over their little mishap a while back..." Tall said lightly, the jokester of the team.

"We're still not certain how its possible for them to work together, but we have yet to confirm if they really are working together. Your main objective is to find out what the Covenant are up to, how their numbers have rapidly increased in 3 days, and why they have concentrated so many troops onto this one location., possibly taking civilians hostage... Your secondary objective is to rescue the civilians, and get them out, you will need to take out the Anti Air gun they have set up outside their compound, its what has been keeping us from getting troops into the area, take it out, and we'll send in a pelican to take them to safety, Once that is out of the way, go see what it is the Covenant have been working at... Stop them if you can" Greene said with a rather stern look upon her face. Greene did appear quite friendly in appearance, but once she put that face on, everyone knew she was serious.

Max was sitting down on a crate as he had listened to them speaking, he was usually very quiet, he never really spoke unless spoken to. Max's Visor was polarized, so no one could see his face beneath his helmet. Max had a simple plain black ODST armor, no real paintwork to separate him from the rest of every other ODST. His eyes darted to the left as he saw the door to the briefing room open up, stepping through the doorway was a black armored ODST, donning the RECON variant, from the trooper's height, he'd guess she was female, and by the looks of her black tail, he'd only guess a wolf of sorts.

"This is G452, Ravina. She'll be in charge of this mission... She's the best as far as ONI records go... Starsk, Remember, she is in charge, disobey a direct order and I'll have your career on a silver platter, Understand?" she said as she pressed her finger to Starsk's chest firmly, Only to see him nod hesitantly.
"Yes mam... Understood..."

"Then Move out soldier" Greene said before walking off, looking to Ravina as she stepped through the door, before speaking into a microphone on her collar, "Good luck down there troopers, you're gonna need it, you drop"

"Lets move troopers!" Starsk shouted, Tall, West and DIll stood up, approaching the weapon racks to get geared up for the drop.
Ravina saw Max sitting down before speaking up with a somewhat deep, serious tone to her voice "He said move, trooper..."
Max looks up at her before he stood up slowly, she was only a few inches shorter than Max, They both could not see the faces behind those polarized visors, all they could see were the never ending reflections that bounced off their visors. Max didn't exactly trust the Navy, due to them keeping "Secrets" from the UNSCDF. After a good moment of staring each other down, Max turned to walk towards the weapon rack, snatching up a shotgun, and a sniper rifle, Tall and West watched Max reach between them to grab the two weapons, Tall watched Max walk off towards the pods after gathering a few sets of ammo for himself.
"Whats eating him?" Tall asked West.
"That's Max, He is still a new trooper, but he has seen alot of combat as a marine" Dill said as he loaded his assault rifle.
"He was a marine? I thought everyone in the 105th is 100% ODST?" West responded.
"Not really... Max was recommended into the 105th by a SPARTAN, having demonstrated skills that you wouldn't find in many new marines... And to answer your question; He doesn't like the Navy, because they keep "Secrets" Dill said while pulling the bolt for his rifle back and snapping it back into place.

Max jammed the shotgun and sniper rifle into their appropriate slots in his pod, Still fairly perturbed to know a Naval officer was in charge of this mission. Max's ears twitched inside his helmet, and snapped back to reality once he had heard Starsk scream, "Lets go Troopers! Hell isn't going to wait on us!"
With that, Max stepped into his pod, sat down on the seat and watched the door slam shut, he grunts as the pods all shifted once everyone was seated, the racks holding the pods would slide back, and shift down into the underbelly of the ship. Max could already feel the zero gravity, he never liked that weightless feeling in his stomach, he had heard most troopers have lost their lunch in the drop. Another thing he hated about these drops was that some pods had a risk of their vacuum seal failing, causing the pods to burst during re-entry, The trooper's armor would keep him safe through the atmosphere, but it would not protect him from the fall to the ground at several hundred miles per hour.

"Whooo-Hooo Yeah! I Love this part!" Tall laughed onto the radio.

Max's breathing pace increased as he heard the countdown for the separation inside his pod, he shudders and closed his eyes, feeling the pod shake as they were detached from the ship's racks, soon the pod shook violently like the rest as the pods all darted towards the atmosphere. He opened his eyes, seeing the other pods raining down with his own. His eyes dashed from each display screen in the pod, trying to make sure everything was functioning normally, even the slightest of errors could result in disaster.

He watched the screens displaying Ravina and Starsk's images, they were shaking with their pods, Max grit his teeth as his pod shook hard, he breathed heavily as their pods descended. The outside of the pod lit up brightly in red and yellow as they began re-entry. After they had broken through the atmosphere, He could see that it was night time in this region, good, the Covenant won't be able to fight what they can't see.

"Pop your chute!" Starsk shouted over the radio, First Starsk's and Ravina's pod chute's popped out, their pods jerking back, just narrowly missing his and Tall's pods. West then Tall popped their chutes, causing their pods to jerk back, Then Dill popped his own, Max followed suit, firmly pressing down on the parachute release switch, However, Max didn't feel the pod jerk, It was still falling, Soon a series of red lights began to blink, warning him that he was at a critical altitude that required his parachute to be released. Max repeatedly pressed the release button, but the chute would not release.
"My Chute! Its jammed!" Max cried, now bashing his fist down on the switch, still no go.

Max yells out as his pod shot down towards the outer half of the city, Max couldn't tell what was going on, All he could feel was his pod crashing down Hard, tumbling down through unknown buildings and objects. Max held as tight as he could on the handles inside his pod, pressing his feet down to keep himself planted firmly inside his seat. The last thing Max felt was his helmet slipping off, and his head striking the roof of the pod violently, sending Max into dark emptiness, As his consciousness drifted away, Max could hear his pod come to an abrupt halt in an unknown place with a very loud series of crashes and such, he could faintly hear the sound of coins hitting the floor before everything went quiet.