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A Spartan Bond
Posted By: LHP
Date: 24 June 2011, 1:43 pm

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Bonds forged amidst the mighty inferno
Strengthened with every fleeting command
Glory ascertained through the howling dark
The likes of which the devil has never seen
Valor achieved through every spent round;
Bullets speaking louder than a mustered shout
There lies a bond; unbreakable, unfathomable
Sharper than the honed edge of the sabre
Deeper than the void black of the beyond
A Spartan Bond,
Resilient as brotherhood, strong as family ties
Tempered by the flames of battle
Aged as the conflict rages on
One may be at the outer rim; silently combatting a lopsided war
The other may be at the very core; the hopes of all humanity pitted upon his very shoulders
Fade the connection does not, nor does it lose a shred of emotion
For a Spartan bond never loses conviction
Service is key, mission directive is creed;
But a Spartan's steely affinity remains unwavered.
Some were left behind
Others have breathed their last with their fists down the enemy's throat;
Yet they remain connected to this mantle of brotherhood
Fueled by pure audacity, spurred on by pure fortitude.