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Posted By: LHP
Date: 13 April 2012, 1:49 pm

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Through the ages of grand exploration
In the solace of the fluctuating, ever so quiet space
Silence of a desolate tomb, withheld its living, breathing package
Certain reaches of man seeking sustenance beyond what to be gleaned
In a flair of passion
In a bout of fury
Revelation – in through the calamity that once burned through all of space and time
Revelation – of glass, blood, sweat and tears
Revelation, all in its glory of the damned and the holy – the ashes laid to rest in silent, icy memorial
The ashes from which the torn phoenix will rise.
A tired hero, a human hero
An ambiguous wit-laden saint
And after years of silence,
Of stasis-bound agony within absolute peace
Of closure beyond finality
The fallen rising. The old scores returning.
With exploration in hand and answers in his soul