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Posted By: Firerwolf<triss2008@yahoo.com>
Date: 5 November 2011, 11:24 pm

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Shar looked out at the field where her team had already fallen. She had stayed back because something had felt wrong to her. She had told the others to stay back as well, but Brad had been so confident. She hadn't really understood why the rest of fireteam November followed him. The three others had all walked out into the field only to be cut down by machine gun fire. She knew that the team was only stunned, but that didn't change the fact they were no longer able to assist her.

Shar lay on the ground, slowly moving back into the cover of the trees. Her movements were slow and careful. She managed to get back behind a tree and stand up. She'd taken notice of what direction the shots had come from. Shar moved back deeper into the woods and toward where the fire had come from. There had been no sign of any Dis, so she doubted that she would run into any human enemies. Her problem instead was that she was running out of time. There were only 300 slots, and 418 candidates were still training to be Spartans. They'd been told to find and ring the bell, and if she didn't work quickly she would lose to the other teams who probably hadn't all been cut down to nothing.

Shar reached the tree that was her target. She looked up through the foliage and spotted the barrel of the machine gun. Shar quickly stretched and started to climb. She had done a bit of climbing back on New Harmony. No, she pushed that thought away. She wasn't a kid anymore. She wasn't the same child that was crammed into a ship and evacuated from her home. She was going to be a Spartan.

Shar reached the automated machine gun and quickly went to work. She unhooked the radar and automation equipment from the weapon. She then grabbed a length of vine from a nearby tree. Shar quickly tied up the machine gun and slung it over her shoulder. She hesitated, then quickly grabbed some extra vine from the tree. Shar then climbed up higher, maneuvering through the tree branches until she saw the second machine gun. She took a deep breath, ran, and jumped.

She felt branches smack against her, but it wasn't until her palms hit a solid branch that she was stopped. She grabbed a hold of the branch and was brought to a sudden stop. The branch creaked and, after a few seconds, snapped. Shar shifted the branch in her hand, moving it so she was wielding the broken limb as a weapon. As she fell past the gun she struck out, smacking the machine gun, tipping it over and sending it tumbling toward the ground. It hit the ground hard, breaking apart. Shar easily climbed down from the tree. She then made a sweep of the perimeter, making sure that there weren't any more guns.

Now she could focus fully on the bell. She'd checked on her team, but all of them were still unable to stand. They wouldn't be able to help her. Shar moved to the pole, looking up at the bell. She needed a way up to it but she didn't have anything to stand on. She was glad that she had grabbed the vine. Shar grabbed the vine and looped it around the pole. She used it to hold on tight as she climbed the pole. She struggled to make her way up the pole, the vine slipping against the smooth metal. She managed to reach the top, grabbing the bell and ringing it three times. It was one of the most glorious sounds she had ever heard. It meant they could continue to train to be Spartans.

Shar dropped down to the ground, moving over to her team. She dragged them, one by one, into the forest where there was cover. It would take time for the stun rounds to wear off so that they could move again. Shar stared out at the bell. It seemed a bit unfair. None of the other teams were going to have the same issues that she did. They were all getting off easy compared to her team. It irritated her a bit, but she supposed now it was just a race of who could find the bell first. For a little while Shar toyed with the idea of becoming the issue for the other trainees, but she decided that she'd rather get payback. She waited with her team, until she heard the whistle. She stayed low in the shadows, keeping her eyes peeled.

Shar spotted four soldiers in SPI armor creeping up. Their camouflage units hid them pretty well, but it didn't hide the rustle of branches as they passed or the way the grass moved as they walked over it. She waited until they were close enough, then opened fire. Rounds pelted the soldiers and after a few moments they fell to the ground. Shar quickly moved over, grabbing their rifles and pistols, along with all of their stun rounds. She then moved back to her team where she found that Elizabeth was already starting to move. Brad and Jeff were both still out of it. She gave the rifle to Elizabeth, taking the pistol and machine gun for herself. She then proceeded to strip the DIs of their SPI armor. She suited up and sat in wait.

She stayed out in the field, taking care of each wave of DIs that came after them. Three other teams joined Shar's, all arming themselves with armor and weapons. It would be almost dawn the next day before Kurt showed up on the scene with Mendez. The Chief ordered them all back to the barracks, and she didn't dare disobey him. She could swear as she walked past him that the Lieutenant was staring at her.


Kurt looked over the reports from the exercise the day before. "They truly have surprised us." He was fully willing to admit it. He was rather proud that they'd done so well.

"The first day was a great success. What are your feelings on the second group?" Mendez was staring down at the report, fingers lightly tapping the table as he reread the same part of the report over again.

"The trainees did well, though I don't feel that they were properly tested." He looked down at the report as well, frowning. He stared down at the picture of a kid. There was something about her... "You know, she kinds of reminds me of him." Kurt replayed the part of the footage where B312 fell from the tree smacking the machine gun with the branch. "She might even have his luck."

Mendez looked up from the report, he knew who Kurt was referring too. "So what do you want to do?"

Kurt stared at the picture. "I think we need to make her a team of her own." He tapped the data pad and the file of Spartan-B312 appeared. "Yes, I think she will do fine on her own." In all honesty he knew that she was one of them. One of those soldiers that they got, one that would have been part of the Spartan II program. He was sure that this was the right move.