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Halo Clone Wars: Epilogue
Posted By: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant<admiralprestoncole@yahoo.com>
Date: 17 July 2009, 7:23 am

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The Sorias Mountains
October 25, 2552

The wind amplified has it was funneled into the massive fjord, screaming against its stone cliffs. The water below thrashed as if Neptune was thrown into a rage, angrily crashing against the walls of Norway, showering the low flying gunships with mist.

The gunships flew low to avoid detection from the Covenant ship that was supposedly in the area. The pilots confused about the valley that appeared out of nowhere, entombing the squadron as they desperately tried to triangulate their location.

"Sir, we have lost contact with the Triumphant," the clone pilot informed as he navigated the LAAT through a narrow gulley. "We cannot verify our location; I have lost visual of the Covenant ship as we entered the valley."

"Stay on course lieutenant, we are exactly were we are supposed to be," Zhukov replied as he scanned the horizon as if looking for something in the darkened storm blown valley. "Pilot, put on 'Alt Lys Svunnet Hen;' max volume."

The melodic movement of the piano echoed through the gunship's hull, the wind gusting in only shrilled the mood even more. Then out of nowhere, Ahsoka was taken by surprise as the beating blasts of drums and heavy guitars flooded the compartment, completely overpowering the noise of the gales. The demonic screeching of vocals made her stand straight and she could feel her spine start to tense up. She gazed over to the Marshall, who seemed relaxed for the first time since the beginning of the Battle of Moscow.

She clicked on the translator, only to find the most dark and coldest lyrics she had ever heard:

Glimmering moonlight drifting up above us
Paths covered with frost leads the way
Black souls now travel through the night
In through the valley of fog

All has blackened
All light has faded away
Pure we now enter the kingdom
Remembering that our tracks will be followed

Surrounded by sorrow's haze
The journey moves on
As a band of corpse-dressed ghouls
We wander the wolverine's home

The breeze takes us over Norwegian marshes
Past every misty hamlet
With the hate in our angry minds
We now leave for never to return

"Marshall, what was the purpose of that song?" Ahsoka questioned as the harmonics started to fade.

"It brings peace to my mind young one, and it also makes me focus, it channels all my thoughts, my energy and my will into one," the Marshall stated as he awaited another track. "The translation of the song name as you know is 'All Light has Faded Away' and it reminds me of the dire predicament my species are in. Also, take a look outside, all the light has faded away, the storm has come and we must weather it. Not only that, we must complete our tasks under such conditions and with that done, only then shall we receive true glory, true honour, and most of all hope."

Ahsoka stared out of the gunship lost in the realms of the entrancing music and the dark ghoulish view of the cliffs. She could hear thunder, and it grew as the ships approached the epicenter of the storm. Suddenly, a flash of lightning illuminated a dark fortress on a plateau right in front of the approaching party. Another flash only enlarged the panorama of the fortress; the dark grey walls rising above the cliff face, the stone buttresses flew menacingly outward.

"Pilot, have the gunships land over there," Zhukov ordered as he pointed to a hole in the opposing cliff face, only this one was recessed so a platform stuck out.

The gunships swooped in and landed and unloaded their passengers, a squad of clones along with the Black Guard Spetsnaz made way for the Marshall and his accomplice to walk by. They all stared into the black void within the cave as the uneasy tension started to rise. The sea thrashed a couple of hundred feet below them, ready to swallow and wipe their existence for all eternity.


Ahsoka woke to a hazy image, her eye sight slowly focusing to her surroundings. She stumbled to get up, her legs felt like lead and her head throbbed like someone had smashed a hammer onto it. Feeling for her lightsaber, she found it, still magnetically grappled to her armour.

The green blade menacingly shot out and illuminated the surrounding void, she saw no one, only a dark path in front of her and the supposed one behind her that fell to a gaping black abyss. Not having any choice, she set out to the path before her, slowly moving into the dark as her lightsaber started to fizzle, suddenly dying.

After she walked for what seemed like hours, she heard low rumbles echoing from the distance. Her pace quickened as the rumble grew to what seemed like bass drums beating, she could feel the vibrations in her body now. After a few minutes, she saw a white light appear in the distance and for some unexplainable reason, she ran to it.

The light grew in intensity as well as its size, until Ahsoka passed through it and found herself standing on a ledge soaring into a golden hall shrouded with fog and mist, the smell and taste of seawater overwhelming her senses. Suddenly, the ground underneath her gave way and she plunged a few dozen meters into a pile of rubble, but for some odd reason she was still able to stand, she had no injuries at all.

"I welcome you my child," a hollow baritone voice echoed through hall, "to my humble residence."

"Who are you?" Ahsoka questioned as she tried to find the speaker of the voice. "Why am I here? Where are the rest?"

"You are here because I need to speak with you. Do not worry about the rest, they are safe," the voice echoed with some assurance. "I brought you here Ahsoka Tano to finish what I could not finish, to fix an anomaly that my species inadvertently created, which forced our children to create a solution that inadvertently caused a war that you fight in now."

"Why me? Why not someone else, someone who can actually figure out what is going on." Ahsoka voiced into the empty hall. "I don't know who you are, but how the hell do you know me?"

"Why shouldn't I know you Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Knight of the Galactic Republic hailing from the planet Shili, former padawan learner of Anakin Skywalker.

"How in the force do you…," Ahsoka spoke up to only be cut off.

"I could never fully leave the confines of this space, trapped for all eternity as a punishment for my sins unless they were forgiven, but my mind could travel the universe, seek a redeemer who could fix what I failed to resolve, and I studied you." The fog started to thicken as it shrouded around the Jedi. "I created the sequence of event that led to your arrival to this galaxy, to the Marshall, and to this place."

"You sacrificed so many good lives, brought hell and fury to so many innocent people, just for me to meet with you," her voice started to rise. "I am surprised; your thinking is so arrogant, so self righteous yet you have so much drive. It is unthinkable to think that someone with so much power as you could create such sorrow and suffering, being confined in here is such a waste, plus you know all about me. Who the hell are you?"

"You still haven't pieced it together? Come now AH-SO-KA TA-NO," the voice enunciated every syllable. "Surely there can't be an overabundance of people dwelling within your memory, burning with this overwhelming egotistical rightfulness," it spoke as the fog that shrouded the golden hall started to collect in the middle. It formed into a head and it suddenly took shape of her master, Anakin Skywalker, and then it shifted to Obi Wan Kenobi, then to Mace Windu, Yoda, the entire Jedi Council, the prophet, Sodhi and finally it settled on the Marshall. His face was drifting in midair as the mist slowly morphed for the last time to her mirror image, the cold blue eyes staring right back at her, forcing the young Togruta to gasp.

"I have synchronized myself with countless consciousnesses over the eons, so it shouldn't come as a big surprise that your deep dormant sub consciousness has come to life," the voice echoed as the fog slowly dissolved to show an outline of a figure in the distance. "I, Ahsoka Tano, am a Precursor; my species seeded life throughout the universe. We are what the humans call gods, your Jedi teachings call the force; we are the vanishing mediators that have had an active hand in these societies," the voice whispered as the figure closed in to her, the shadow lifting from his face to reveal the Marshall standing in front of her.