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Halo Clone Wars: Chapter 7
Posted By: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant<admiralprestoncole@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 March 2009, 2:06 am

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Well, I have found a beta that can help me from chapter 8 onwards, but I still value all of your comments and suggestions. This chapter has more action, but this is my first time writing like this. I put the translation for the foreign dialogue at the bottom of the page, the dialogue in the story is marked by "*"'s. So, all I can say is hopefully the chapter is enjoyed and I tried to tone down the use of "massive" but some still snuck in

Chapter 7: The Frenzy of the Triumphant

The Kremlin
Moscow, Amero-Soviet Union
October 22, 2552

The warthog fishtailed into the gateway of the massive fortress with its gun smattering a hellish barrage at the bogeys heading towards it. With a sudden jolt, it accelerated into the oncoming horde; its engine screaming at the transmission to change gears, the rpm redlining.

A stream of armoured APC's roared into the path created by the hog, their armoured doors flinging open as a stream of heavily armoured troops thundered out. The shock and awe of the arrival stupefied both quarrelling factions giving the 22nd Guards enough time to engage the enemy.

"Johnston, Get out!" Jeffers exclaimed as he spotted a plume hurtling towards their hog.

Johnston dove out of the hog just in time as the rocket hit the undercarriage causing the whole vehicle to lift off and explode midair.

Jeffers pulled out his side arm as he cracked a couple of headshots at an unfortunate ranger who had lost his helmet in the chaos of battle. He caught a glimpse of the leads APC unleashing its awesome barrage from its 40mm auto-cannon at the adversary who unleashed the rocket. The rounds peppered the red brick of the stone walls, easily penetrating them and gutting and dismembering anyone unlucky to be hiding behind them.

He rushed over to his fellow comrade who was barely stirring from the rough landing. A group of rangers started to rush at him, firing with their MA5C's with precision bursts. He pulled Johnston behind the flaming wreckage, vying for time, with his sidearm ready.

The first ranger jumped over wreckage trying to back flip and catch the KGB agent by surprise. Jeffers acting a split second faster caught the ranger midair and slammed him into the ground simultaneously firing his sidearm point blank into the faceplate of the opponent's helmet, causing a geyser of gore to erupt from the hole.

The second ranger rounded the corner, firing his rifle at the agent on top of his befallen brother. He landed a burst right into the center of the agent's chest causing him to fall onto his back. Cautiously he approached the supposed corpse, trying to make sure the man was actually dead. He spotted the third man in his team moving towards him, watching his back to make sure they wouldn't be caught off guard.

No, something wasn't right, the agent's chest was still heaving; the movements were subtle but noticeable.

"The agent is wearing ballistic armour underneath his coat," the startling revelation came to the ranger, as he moved his rifle to fire at the opponent's skull, not noticing the movement of the fallen man's hand.

Suddenly, Jeffers shot up, grabbing and pushing the rifle away from his body as he brought in the brunt of his hidden combat knife into the rangers neck; the titanium carbide blade easily penetrating the rubber neck joints. With another swift move he brought the dying rangers body in front of his, using it as a shield against the last adversary.

Crouching, he retreated back to the flaming wreckage, hoping to pull the last ranger in close so he could engage him in hand to hand combat, when he heard a thunderous exclamation.

"ALL ENEMIES OF HUMANITY, DIE!" Sodhi roared as he grabbed the unfortunate soldier by his head.

The massive Sikh brigadier swung his opponent up into the air and smashed him headfirst into the asphalt, while bearing his left knuckles into the helmet, crushing right through it and fracturing the unconscious soldier's skull.

A gleam of metal hit Jeffers eyes as he watched the brigadier pull his knuckle out of the torn helmet, clearly the arm was prosthetic. He was knocked out of his train of thought as the line of APC's exploded; the Pelicans in the air were moving against the loyal forces.

"Hey! I thought you were taking care of those damned things?" The Brigadier angrily pointed out the lack of oversight as he brought his prosthetic arm to shield himself from the flaming debris falling down.

"Jesus, I'm on it," Jeffers exclaimed. "Just pass me the damn radio and those fuckers will be out of your cornhole, sir."


"Black Archers, this is Moscow GCI. We have a number of rogue ONI bogies in and around the walls of the Kremlin. You are authorised to use whatever force necessary to take them out."

"Copy that GCI."

The flight of MIG's was on routine patrol around the greater Moscow region when they received a flash transmission from the Ground Control Intercept. Apparently the flight of Pelicans they had been tracking turned out to be an extremist faction of the ONI.

"Black Archers engage the bandits at BVR, only close in to take out the stragglers," the flight lead ordered. "Go to full afterburners, we'll take out as many as we can the first time and swing around the second for the finish."

The flight of MIG's turned around and in complete unison their engines whined to full military override and they shot towards the center of the metropolis. They streaked towards the ground, their altitude being shaven down by the thousands until they were only a couple of thousand feet above. The sonic barrier being broken caused the ground to shake like there was a minor earthquake, in some places the windows started to shatter due to the massive overpressure.

The audible growl started to go off in the cockpits of the flight, telling the pilots that their missiles had acquired and locked on to the targets.

"Fox Four," the pilots spoke in unison as the planes computers tagged the voice prints and shot out a stream of active radar guided missiles.


They heard the aircraft before they even saw them, the thunderous noise of the collapsing sub sonic barrier caused everyone to pause in the fighting and look up towards the heavens. All of them saw the firing streaks hurtle across the sky and crash into the unsuspecting Pelicans, causing them to plummet down towards the massive square, or if they were unlucky, the Moskva. The MIG's screamed across a split second after, their mission being accomplished in less than five minutes.

"SOLDIERS OF HUMANITY! We walk the blessed path set before us, SHOW NO FEAR! SEND OUR FOES TO THE ABYSS!" Sodhi Thundered as he rallied his forces for the final charge. "Bole So Nihal!"*

"Sat Sri Akal, Sri Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Sri Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!"** The entire Sikh forces cried out in unison as they charged towards the remaining rangers, the Spetsnaz breaking off instinctively.

The rangers started to fire at the oncoming horde of fearless warriors, the bullets bouncing off the ballistic armour, the ferocity of the moment started to wash over them. The smarter, more experienced soldiers aimed for the skulls, trying to take advantage of the turbans the Sikh soldiers wore. Men started to fall, but the immense spirit of the brotherhood did not falter, the horde feared no death because they would rather die than retreat.

The rangers started to retreat, trying to cover each other but all was futile as they were now pressed against the massive stone walls of the Kremlin. The Sikhs in their frenzy started to fire at the enemy, suppressing them all back to the wall; the anvil had been set and the hammer came crashing down as the horde overwhelmed and pounded the rangers of Section IV into the depths of history.


"Brigadier, what about the Marshall?" Jeffers asked as watched the last ranger fall underneath the swarm of soldiers.

"Get the Spetz," Sodhi replied as he cocked his sidearm, "We will finish this once and for all."



The captain screamed as he watched his right arm fall towards the floor. He was blindsided by the Jedi girl, as had taken aim at the Marshall.

"You Bitch!" Parangosky screamed as she launched herself towards Ahsoka, catching her off guard and tackling her to the ground while knocking the sabre out of her hand."

Windu moved in to break the two apart, he was completely baffled by Ahsoka's irresponsible attack from which Jedi had no business interfering with. He was pulled back by the iron grip of the Marshalls hand, the cold stare of the old man eyes could have frozen all time as he whispered, "What happens is the will of destiny and she has chosen hers," has he pointed his shrivelled finger at the ONI commander.

Parangosky grabbed one of Ahsoka's headtails and pulled with all her might, causing the young Jedi Knight to yelp in pain. With amazing strength for a 97 year old woman, she landed series of punches against the alien girl's face nearly knocking her out of consciousness.

Calling out to the force, Ahsoka unleashed the push against the admiral, causing the woman to fly across the room and crash against the opposing wall of the Chamber of the Presidium. Staggering up, with her head spinning from the yanking of her Lekku, she felt like she was back on the Covenant warship. "Ahsoka my dear, pain is only relative to the mind," she heard the Marshalls voice at a distance, empowering her to focus. "Concentrate on the task at hand, ignore anything else."

With a flick of her wrist she swung the admiral into the air, levitating the admiral and pressuring her throat. Ahsoka then recalled her sabre to her free hand, igniting the green blade of light, ready to impale the demonic woman. She couldn't do it, she couldn't kill her for some odd reasons; she was no executioner, her Togrutan predatory nature was escaping her. She threw the admiral across the room, next to her handless captain and collapsed on the floor.

"Sometimes killing flesh and blood is hard business," the Marshall spoke as Windu ran over to consult Ahsoka. "But we must learn to cope with that feeling in order to survive."

"Too bad, she won't live to see that," Parangosky spoke as she got up, her hand clutching her captains sidearm. "Now you learn why no one ever crosses me," as her finger started to squeeze the trigger.



* &** Translation: Blessed is the one who proclaims the Truth of God, the Khalsa belongs to the Lord to whom [also] belongs the Victory

This is the Sikh Battle Cry. Just imagine an army of men crying this out and going into a frenzy.