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Defence of Alpha station
Posted By: Biscuit911<peskypenguin@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 January 2012, 12:37 am

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Bright amber light flooded the bridge of the Icarus, whining alarms screeching out as the ship lurched precariously over Sigma Octanus IV. The wreckage of ships floated by, scratching lazy marks into the pitted and scarred armour. The battle is space raged, ships blazing with arsenal's capable of extinguishing entire cities in the blink of an eye. Amongst it all, men and women ran back and forth in a panic, desperation was running high. The covenant's superior technology was devastating the human fleet, but they held…for now.

A light tapping sounded about the bridge as its Captain paced about, calmly calling for status reports, offensive and defensive actions. His lieutenant's nervously peeked back at him over the edge of their stations, afraid of the time they may take another hit from the covenant's powerful weaponry. Desperate tactics had kept them in one piece so far, but their luck would only last so long.

With a dull thump, the ship began to shake. Metal protested and screamed as its very frame fought to hold itself together. The shaking knocked the Captain to his knees, and more than one member of the bridge staff's face's smashed into their work console. Low moans of pain sounded out as the bridge staff sought to learn what had just happened, as the Captain quickly and awkwardly stood.

'Damage report!' yelled out Captain Keyes, over the wailing din and moans of the injured. 'Hull breach along lower starboard! Medical decks are…gone.' Lieutenant Hall faltered. Dozen's of injured soldiers and medical staff had been down there and in a half second of fiery annihilation, they had been atomized. 'MAC gun links are cut, we no longer have enough power to fire the main gun.'

With this unpleasant knowledge, Captain Keyes stood looking out to space. Human munitions and vast, orange globules of covenant plasma crossed the depths; ships were annihilated or crippled by the close-combat fury being unleashed above the planet. With a deep sigh he tried to think of better times, and found all such memories had faded. He had been fighting this war for so long he struggled to remember the times without it. Before Harvest, before the outer reaches. Before the death of humanities worlds at the hands of the covenant, this unknown and implacable foe.

A new sound breached the wailing alarms, sign of an incoming message. 'A distress call from the planet, Sir!' called out Lieutenant Dominique 'It's on all channels, running unencrypted. Somebody desperate sent this.' Captain Keye's cocked an eyebrow, 'Send it here' Captain Keye's face was illuminated by holographic text, as he read down. The message was from a firebase on the planet's surface, designated Alpha. The message was a request for assistance from anywhere available, including the orbital fleet who were all currently fighting tooth and nail to defend the planet. All except the Icarus, whose only effective weapon was currently unusable.

Captain Keye's pondered while fiddling with his pipe. A detachment of Marines were available on the Icarus, a platoon of marines held on station to defend against boarding actions, not that the covenant had ever attempted to try before. To his knowledge, they were busy securing points around the ship, all the while worrying, as was everyone, that at any time the hull could be incinerated around them, killing them instantly.

Corporal Stanforth stepped onto the bridge, an uneasy look on his face; he always had a reputation for emotionlessness. The atmosphere on the bridge darkened, the air filled with silent whispers and remarks, alarms screeched, wailed and echoed through the piece of metal that was called a ship. "Corporal" Keye's said with strange comfort I need you for a mission, we have got a message from Fire Base Alpha, you will reinforce Alpha Base, only 10 soldiers will join you on this assignment just remember if Alpha Base falls, the covenant are one step closer to the extinction of humanity. The soldiers that have been chosen are the very best, ODST they await your arrival in pelican bay 2 and remember, return alive "yes sir" Corporal Stanforth said, then walked off to carry out his assignment.

Captain Keyes couldn't help but consider what would happen next, the fleet could lose and like harvest, the planet could be glassed, millions could die, all those people that died to protect sigma ocantus four, would their lives have been wasted or even with the odds stacked against them could they win and save many lives and all those that did die, would their lives be spent it was difficult to think in what would happen the covenant always were unpredictable and their technology was always more advanced "sir are you ok" said Lovell nervously "yes I am fine" everyone report ASAP,I want this ship up and running soon. Large shouts came across every part of the bridge, Captain Keyes laughed "well all of you get it sorted I am going to my quarters", if anything happens, report to me ASAP.

Corporal Stanforth reached pelican bay 2, in the bay was 1 pelican it look battered and the 70mm guns ripped off for other parts only 1, lonely 50mm gun stood at the back of the pelican, the letters UNSC was faded and the colour looked washed out, leaving a harsh grey colour in its wake, Corporal Stanforth stood and carried on assessing the pelican, "shes not the most glamour's thing is she corporal" called the confident voice that echoed across the room, Corporal Stanforth glared, It was one of the ODST , normal size and held a semi-shotgun in one hand, armour of the ODST was worn, scratches plastered the armour, the once shiny black armour was now a dirty black/grey. Hello corporal, I am Zac Ford at your command, said the eager voice. "ODST Ford get everyone one ready, I want to get to alpha base before the covenant, if we don't 7 million life's would be wasted and a whole planet glassed, I hate to think of such thinks but its true"," yes sir we will kill em" called the still confident voice. "Well you all heard gear up and move out".

Corporal Stanforth sat down and started to examine the inside of the so-called pelican. Everything inside the pelican screamed WAR, bullet shells flooded the floor, the walls had deep scars running down the sides and blood spatters up the sides, the only thing Stanforth liked is the 50mm gun "corporal" said a quite voice "yes what do you want" said Stanforth "do you really think that we can help with only 10 ODST and you corporal " "what's your name " "my name is Laura sir Laura Transz", " listen Laura just remember what ever you do watch your back because its gonna be hell down there some of us will die, maybe all and what I know right now is if we lose here and survive then the covenant will hunt us all down anyway, if we win we would have saved millions of life's and all those who fought by us they shall be remembered as the saviours of humanity and all we fight for, so fight don't look back on the past we have to fight for our future remember this and continue to live " "yes sir thank

"Corporal Stanforth" "yes ODST Ford" I would like to introduce you to the awesomeness of the ODST team, this is Laura Tranzs specialises in close combat , "hello sir" this here is Fred baker specialises in mechanics, he knows his way around any vehicle, "you can count on me sir" this is James Thompson he specialises in ranged combat he is a dead eye marksman and has much battle experience, "hope to be of some use sir" this is Vincent Maroone specialises computers, he can hack into any system and is handy with a assault rifle "nice to meet you sir", this is Sam Paterson he specialises in heavy weapons and fearless in battle , "happy to be under your command sir". This is Enosh Tora he specialise just like Laura close combat and doesn't talk much "that's because you're not worth my time, hello sir", this is Eddie Manson he specialises in duel weapons when he has duel weapons he can be the deadliest thing on the battle field, "I look forward to working with you sir", this is Anton vanguard he specialise in stealth and is handy with a shotgun, " I will have your back sir", this is the elite of the ODST Team, Lucy Venson she specialise all-round combat and is the best on any battle field, "don't die we could use you, I guess", and me of course Zac Ford I deal with battle plans". "nice to meet you all" said corporal Stanforth.

The inside of the pelican after 2 hours was finally ready for war Corporal Stanforth and all the ODST was sitting down in the pelican, everyone had a worried look worn on their faces and their guns clenched tightly in their hands, the mood inside the pelican was dark and doubts that plagued the hold of the pelican, everyone finally realised what was about to happen. "Pelican now lifting off, course set for Sigma Octanus IV, hold on everyone" the pilot's voice sliced through the silent's that was held at the back of the pelican. "What do you think it's going to be like when we get down there" whispered Laura with as sense of insecurity, "it's going to be hell" said Corporal Stanforth.

The pelican ride was rough; it had been 3 hours since they set of from the Icarus and still no words had been spoken, "hold on we are entering atmosphere called the pilot". "Hold on to something". The pelican shock violently, everyone gripped on to the hand holds of the pelican, dodging all equipment that wasn't tied down properly. evently all was calm; the pelican glided through the thick harsh air of Ocantas IV and was closing in on the land below ready for what was going to happen.

The pelican was landing, after hours of no contact with each other than the pilots' warm voice, "alright we have landed, get ready, I....hope you come back". "Don't worry we will be back". Said Laura Tranzs with a fake smile. "Right enough waiting we have a mission let's get it done", barked Corporal Stanforth, "move out".

Chapter 2

(Back at the Icarus)

The bridge was hell, people rushing at their stations, no one stopped for breath, and everything they read illuminated their faces with a yellow glow. "Captain Keyes" Lieutenant Hall shouted we have managed to repair the damage to the decks but there are 50 confirmed deaths and many more are predicted dead.

Captain Keyes felt the pressure choking him with each step he made, the decisions he made always had come with a consequence one that could seem to be nothing or one that could put the lives of his entire crew in danger.

Captain Keyes felt helpless; he stared out of the glass into the chaos of war. The UNSC arsenal had be firing on covenants positions with little succession all that replied was a fury of blue and orange plasma that incinerated all that was in its path.

Captain keys grabbed his M90 Close Combat Shotgun then turned to face the door "Sir" the bridge crew shouted in unison "where are you going". Captain keyes nodded towards the data pad "keep me up dated" then walked out. The bridge crew stared blankly at the door until the next barrage of holographic text blinded them.

Captain Keyes walked down the terror filled hall way observing the chaos surrounding him, alarms blared and men and women urgently ran screaming, explosions echoed throughout the ship and body's littered the decks, most severely burnt leaving most disfigured.

Captain Keyes stared at figures which seemed to be moving towards him, "Sir Get away from there" a sudden insistent whining sounded in the room next to him, one of the figures jumped on Captain Keyes shielding him from the defying explosion, which almost ripped the figure on top of him instantly off him and threw it against the wall, Captain Keyes barely stood, fear instantly flooded his body as the blood of the person that saved him soaked his clothes. "Damn damn why did she have to die, why?". Whispered the last standing figure, from the look of his clothes he was a marine, his clothes where slightly burnt on the left side of his body and blood trickled down his face. Captain Keyes looked at the person that saved him, she was a young woman with short brown hair and glassy blue eyes, shrapnel covered her body and left cold lifeless body scared by burns.

Fires continued to rage throughout the ship, echoes of people that once survived on this is ship continued raging their last words, songs, stories, captain keyes kept walking he needed to know how many more people had died with his own eyes the only other eyes he could lock his with where the glassy lifeless eyes of the dead or the eyes of hopeful men and women.

"Captain" called Lieutenant Hall over the personal intercom "the covenant has....." The ship suddenly shuddered throwing Keyes to the wall, gunfire suddenly lit up the hallways and plasma instantly replied to the hail of fire that assaulted them "damn their here" whispered Keyes shouldered his M90 Close Combat Shotgun.
Captain Keyes moved rapidly throughout the ship keeping vigilant for any covenant forces all while his crew got ripped to shreds splattering the wall with their blood. Captain Keyes approached a another hallway which split into two ways in front or to the left, the left lead to the bridge and in front lead to the pelican bay where gunfire of his crew echoed thought the ship . A sudden scream breached Captain Keyes ears form the left corner, Keyes turned the corner to see an elite throwing a women to the wall, the elite pulled out the energy sword and turned its attention to Keyes.

The elite charged at Captain Keyes closing the distance between each other fast, Keyes waited for the right time to fire his shotgun so he could take down the furious creatures shield; the elite lunged for Captain Keyes and swung the energy sword, Keyes ducked under the sword and fired his shotgun the elites shield drained and screamed as the shotgun shell managed ripped through its skin it still managed to stand and pulled Keyes to the floor, Keyes felt the oxygen in his lunges get punched out of him, leaving him breathless and helpless the glorious sound of a bullet as it forced though the back of the creatures head covering Keyes face in blue/purple blood.

Captain Keyes shoved the dead elite off him and on to the titanium-A floor and tried to stand up, Captain Keyes was confused and his vision blurred by the elites blood in his eyes "what could have killed the elite" went through Captain Keyes mind as he wiped the blood from his eyes, the women that the elite had thrown against the wall stood in shock with a M6G Magnum gripped tightly in her hands, her eyes blood shoot consumed by fear, she had cuts and bruises all around her face and the smoke from the M6G Magnum was still rising from the barrel. "Thanks marine" Captain Keyes said a smile appearing in the corner of his mouth, no reply came from the marine "Marine" Captain Keyes demanded with worry creeping into his voice, and the marine was in shock, hardly moving apart from slight shake the shoot thought the Marines body. Keyes grabbed the hand of the marine in shock and with the other picked up his shotgun of the floor and headed toward the corridor that had the everlasting gunfire of his crew.

Pelican bay opened up in front of Captain Keyes and the marine, fire fights raged throughout the bay bodies littered the entire deck blood made pools on the floor, bullets and plasma replied to each other's assaults. Elites rushed from ships storming onto the deck assisting their comrades on the assault as the marines desperately reloaded to fill another load of rounds into the enemies armour and into its skin.

Captain Keyes stared at the carnage as people he knew had filled the decks or carried on fighting with heavy wounds the last glimmer of hope in their eyes slowly fall away to be lost forever has they hit the deck, dead blood slowly flowing through open cuts and other wounds making any "lucky ones" slowly felt as the world closed around them and all else go cold and dark.

Captain Keyes and the marine reacted as they saw a group of elite turn their attention to the two standing and watching, the elites fired plasma on their positions plastering all that stood in its eternal rage. Keyes and the marine sprinted for their lives at the surviving marines, whom pulled back behind cover to devise a plan.

Captain Keyes felt a sudden rush as a plasma bolt finally stuck its target ripping through his leg muscles; Keyes fell to the floor, pain raged though his body making him almost slip into a coma, blood levels fell very low as blood surged through the wound leaving Keyes helpless laying on the deck, the marine with Keyes dragging his semi consuis body to the line of marines behind cover, marines instantly ran to cover them, Keyes watch through his blurry eyes as his men ran to his side fighting for their lives and his, watching as men got wounds ripped into them spraying blood all over the floor and their comrades.

Captain Keyes vision was fading quickly, watching as marines filled him with bio foam and stitched up the wound, listening as the marines came up with a plan "right" a woman's voice shouted getting the attention of the male marines "we have to do a counter strike try to at least stop those alien' Bastards getting to our data banks, we lose here we have no chance of defending this planet and we will leave the UNSC a ship down in this war, it's all or nothing people load clips and check guns we go down like heroes". A hint of heroicness spread across everyone's faces. The marines moved to gather their gear getting ammo and frags. 5 minutes later. "everyone get ready now's the time" said the woman's marines voice, the medic near Keyes stood up "you said the woman marine your staying with him take him to the bridge and here give him this when your there I won't be needing it" the medic saluted and pulled Keyes up onto his back. War cry's of his men filled the bay as they charged across the floor, bullets slammed into the shields of the elites and brought down grunts and a few jackals, plasma replied with harsher fury then that of the UNSC assault at their lines, marines got limbs blown off and incinerated as plasma hit them and cleanly ripped through blood adding to those who had fallen before them.

Keyes watched as the marine he first meet who came up with the plan to push the covenant back who had repaid the favour with the elite, as she charged in and was shrouded in a hail of plasma lost by its harsh fury and now which only half of those who charged still stand throw them self's into covenants troops and pull their knifes and stab it into their enemies and ripping them out then the medic moved Keyes out of site of the battle and continue down the corridor towards the bridge of the pillar of autumn.

Captain Keyes felt sorrow for those who had died but he felt jealous too while they went down like heroes he was fated to continue fighting in the hell the covent made through his ship until the end, the medic passed a dog tag up to Keyes and Keyes stared at if for a second remembering what he had just witnessed 20 minutes ago the tag read "Catharine .f. Anderson"" huh" Captain Keyes grunted "that what her name was". The medic was rapidly approaching the bridge, sprinting through blood and plasma stained walls leaving scars embed into the walls forever a reminder of what happened here today. The medic keyed the door open and walked in, plasma incinerated the now lifeless corpse of the marine which swung Keyes onto the floor leaving him helpless, Keyes looked around for a split second before an elite grabbed Keyes off the floor and held him in the air while the elite crew tended to the consoles, everything for Keyes seemed to slow down as he looked around again all his bridge crew dead, holes filled their body's, the people Keyes considered more than just crew like family lay dead and even Catharine who he meet for a while all dead, blood of the bridge staff splattered the walls with harsh crimson.

Keyes snapped back into the real world as he saw the elite reach for his energy sword, Keyes reach to his back slowly and grabbed his shotgun "if i die" he thought "i not going without a fight danm barsterds" he gripped the shotgun then flung it around his body with lighting reactions and shoved the shotgun right into the elite stomach then pulled the trigger if one thing he knew is point blank range elites shields where useless, the shell ripped through the elite leaving a dead hunk of meat on the floor, Keyes body was dumped on the floor with such a force its shattered his left arm leaving him left holding a shotgun in the right, purple/blue blood flowed from the elite and onto the floor making the room seem almost colourful even war had its beautiful moments during battle, the elite crew members turned to Captain Keyes weapons charged with the colour of the plasma pistols making a blinding light display , the red armoured elite crying its war cry for its fallen comrade. The bridge door suddenly clicked open and a hail of UNSC bullets flashed forward and hit their targets with deadly precision ripping through the red armoured elite shield and throwing grunts and jackals flying to the floor lifeless and cold, blood pooling around them, Keyes noticed just like his marines some of the covenants troops showed these signs of fear during death.

Captain Keyes stared towards the group of marines which knelt down beside him only one keeping guard for any reinforcements. "Sir" shouted a young ODST as the he helped Captain Keyes from the death infested floor "are you alright". Captain Keyes reached up and grabbed the young ODST "what the FUCK do you think" shouted with rage building in his voice "almost my entire crew are dead, and my ship is in no state to continue this fight, of course im not alright but" Captain Keys now lowered his voice "thanks for the assistance". The young ODST just forced a smile to hide his torment and fear of everything that is going around him. "Who lead this group this far"? Captain Keyes asked in a inquisitive and raspy voice as he glared at the 5 people around him, "me sir "called the young ODST. "good said Captain Keyes you can get the out then, just evac as many as you can and take them to another ship which plans to run, the UNSC morale isn't the same as it used to be, save them" begged Captain Keyes. "Aren't you coming with us sir we came to get you after all" said the young ODST "tell me your name son" demanded Captain Keyes "I'm ODST Kevlan Darks". "Well ODST good luck you're going to need it". All 5 of the group came to attention and saluted and Captain Keyes saluted back as the ODST Kevlan Darks and the other marines sprinted off to their objective.