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Halo Extinction
Posted By: Alec Kassorla<aleckassorla@gmail.com>
Date: 18 April 2012, 11:14 pm

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(Special thanks to Frank O'Connor and Josh Kurwin)


Halo Extinction is a continuation of the Halo saga, which takes place on planet Earth. All the events and story lines are in congruence with the Halo books, games (Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach, Halo Anniversary) and other Halo establishments. This game was created through my own desire to better the Halo experience for the users and creators of 343 Industries alike. Halo Extinction is a campaign mission that features reoccurring characters, weapons, armor and vehicles. Attached with the level breakdown of Halo Extinction are game play modifications and suggestions for Matchmaking, Forge, Firefight, Custom games and Theater.


Halo Extinction takes place after Halo 6, many years after the Human Covenant War. The UNSC and Covenant Separatists believe there are no more Covenant Loyalists that are of threat, however, they were wrong. A fleet two times the size of the invasion of REACH is headed towards earth, and news breaks through to the UNSC and Covenant Separatists. Through the campaign mission of Halo Extinction, gamers will experience the wrath of the Covenant, and fight off what seems like an impossible mission to save the planet Earth. Each Campaign level has unique plots and fighting abilities, allowing the gamers to actively engage in combat. Earth seems to be doomed by the massive attack of the Covenant Loyalists, but will the UNSC prevail once more? Or is the destruction of Earth inevitable?

Characters List

Master Chief, Arbiter- 'Thel Vadum, Shipmaster- Rtas Vadum, Fleet security Officer-Usze Tahom, Spec Ops Elite- N'tho Sraom, Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, Private First class Michael Crespo, Corporal Taylor Miles, Lance Corporal Kojo Agu, Lance Corporal Jack (The Rookie), Captain Veronica Dare, Fleet Admiral Hood, Alice-130, Douglas-042, Jerome-130, Nicole-458, Captain James Gregory Cutter, Cortana, Serina, Ellen Anders, Warrant Officer Jun A266


First Level

You are Spartan 458 Nicole, trapped in Nasseau Station in the twenty-first century by a slipspace rupture. All 4 players are Nicole, just the same as in Halo 1, where every player is Master Chief. Nicole has to cause a slipspace rupture and go back to the twenty sixth century. There, Nicole will have to hack through blocked doors and steer away from asteroids and satellites. There is an Armory with weapons, yet it is useless, because there are no enemies. Nicole will be equipped with 4 fragmentation grenades as well as a few Pelicans and Warthogs in the hanger's.

Second Level

In the second campaign level, first player will be Douglas, second player will be Jerome, third player will be Alice and the fourth player will be an O.D.S.T. This mission will be the last level of Halo Wars, only in first person. The objective is to open the portal while destroying hostile forces and buildings. To build a fortress, turret, or smaller buildings, (like a vehicle depot or reactor), click the RB button on the desired location. If you would like to build vehicles and infantry for your army, just go up to the desired building and the same menu will pop up showing what you can build. You can hijack or skyjack any enemy vehicle of your choice. If you would like to drive an ally aircraft, put your crosshair over the vehicle, click the RB button, and it will fly down and let you take over. The Mega Turret will be in this level as well, and will appear in co-op play, with operation abilities. A new piece of HUD will be in this level only, showing your resources, tech level and population, such as in Halo Wars. Swapping of weapons will be permissible with allies as well. This is the only level in campaign where players can fight Flood and Forerunner enemies. Once you complete the mission, the normal cutscene will appear like in Halo Wars.

Third Level

During the Battle of High Charity, when the Flood are about to invade, the Prophet of Thievery is telling the Covenant, other than the Elites, to gather ships and head to their homeworlds. The Prophet of Thievery is in the High Council Chamber, just after speaking with Truth. Just then, hundreds of Infection Forms flood the chamber, infecting everything they touch. The Brute Bodyguards get overwhelmed by the enormous amount of Flood Infection Forms. They quickly get infected and turn against the Prophets. Thievery and Truth destroy all the Infection Forms with ease, but still need to escape. While traveling around, you'll run into enemies. You can get out of your Gravity Throne and kill enemies, or use your Gravity Thrones Plasma Cannons. They gather all the Covenant infantry and ships they can find, and escape back to their home worlds. The Prophet of Thievery sends all the species back to their worlds of origin, and tell them to join the Covenant army. Anyone who denies joining the Covenant army will be killed. The Prophet of Thievery heads to the Elite world of origin-Sanghelios. Knowing the Elites have turned against the Covenant, Thievery asks the Elites to join his army. Most of them agreed to join his army, the others who chose not to, were mass murdered. The new recruits to the Covenant learn about the technology of weapons and vehicles. The Elites have no idea they are about to engage in battle with their own species. The Covenant troops start intense training for battle type scenarios. In the training part of this mission, first player is a Brute, second player is a Hunter, third player is a Drone and fourth player is a Minor Prophet. The players will go through various training exercises through Campaign.

Fourth Level

After Halo 6, Master Chief is on a Forerunner Dreadnought, heading to Earth to warn the U.N.S.C about a one-way portal under California that leads to the Forerunner world in Halo 4,5 and 6. Master Chief gets heavily damaged by an asteroid field and crash lands on the shore of the California coastline. He is badly injured, and gets airlifted by a Pelican to the U.N.S.C Research and Medical Center. The U.N.S.C is amazed to see him alive after 4 years. At the same time, the Spirit of Fire with Red Team and Omega Team, come out of slipspace near Earth. Also, Nicole comes out of slipspace in the Nasseau Station. Red Team and Omega Team get outfitted with new armor. Jerome gets Gungnir armor with a Sapper chest, Breacher wrist and black visor. Douglas gets Eod armor with a Tacpad wrist, Grenadier knee guards and gold visor. Alice gets Mark VI armor, UGPS wrist, Soft Case, FJ/Para knee guards and bronze visor. Omega 1 gets Commando helmet with all attachments, Commando shoulders, FJ/Para knee guards, Chobham utility and gold visor. Omega 2 gets CQC helmet with all attachments, gold visor, CQC shoulders, CQB chest, Breacher wrist, FJ/Para knee guards and Soft Case utility. Omega 3 gets Hayabusa helmet, shoulders and chest with all attachments, silver visor, Buckler wrist, Nxra utility and Mark V B knee guards. Omega 4 gets all EOD armor with all attachments, crimson visor, Bracer wrist, Grenadier knee guards and Hard case utility. Omega 5 gets all EVA armor with all the attachments, UGPS wrist, Gungnir knee guards, gold visor, and Trauma Kit utility. Omega 6 gets Scout helmet with all attachments, Patrol chest, Sniper shoulders, UGPS wrist, Trauma Kit utility, Mark V B utility and black visor. Nicole gets Recon armor with all attachments, Hayabusa shoulders and Katana, gold visor, Base Security chest, FJ/Para knee guards, Bracer wrist on her left wrist and UGPS attachment on her right wrist. The Spirit of Fire gets outfitted with new weapons, vehicles and navy personal. Marines and O.D.S.T's occupy Nasseau Station, and at the same time, the Covenant are advancing towards Earth for a second battle, knowing that there is a portal under California that leads to the Forerunner world. The Huragok know that they're going to Earth, yet if they leave and get noticed, they'll be killed. The U.N.S.C knows of the Covenant's advancement towards Earth. The Covenant open fire on the first enemy Frigate that they see, destroy it in seconds, then surround Earth and plasma bombard it. MAC stations fire upon enemy ships and split holes right through them.

Fifth Level

This level starts out with The Shadow of Intent, which is being controlled by Rtas Vadum-Shipmaster. The crew consists of Arbiter-Thel Vadum, Fleet security Officer-Usze Taham and N'tho Sraom- Spec Ops Elite attack opposing Loyalist cruisers and carriers. Usze and N'tho board a Separatist Phantom and drive into a nearby cruiser. They are invisible in the hangar watching infantry led by Brutes climbing into Dropships. Usze saw a Brute throw a Minor Grunt off a Phantom for not following his instructions. They run through a hallway, when suddenly, N'tho trips over a dropped Fuel Rod Gun. All of the sudden they stick out like a sore thumb. The two go back to back knowing this may be their last breath together. Usze takes out 2 Energy Swords while N'tho pulls out 2 superheated Plasma Rifles. They open fire onto the covenant infantry, and absolutely massacre them, leaving only scattered remains of limbs and blood on the floor. They successfully win that guerrilla war, but the shipmaster of that cruiser breaks off the hallway, leaving them suffocating. Usze grabs N'tho by the arm and pulls him back into the ship. Around them, bullets and plasma fire light up the sky like the fourth of July. The 2 barely make it back into the hallway when a Mac slug punches through the area where the hallway used to be. Shards of cruiser fly past them at very fast speeds. Usze takes some time to let N'tho breathe, then proceed with the mission. They run through the hallways with Active Camouflage and fast reflexes that are as sharp as a Cheetah. Behind them, entire hallways are being ripped off the cruiser to stop them from entering the command bridge. Little does the shipmaster know, Usze and N'tho are already in the command bridge, secretly taking out bodyguards and other officers. While about to take out one of the guards, the guard yells and shrieks, as the two have been discovered once again. Their invisibility wears off so they quickly hide behind a large column and continuously shoot back. A Brute Chieftain runs at them with rage, and is about to break their skulls in. Usze and N'tho react fast by moving out of the way. The Chieftain bashes their position, thinking he has killed them, he turns back, but his Gravity Hammer is imbedded into the column. He tries to pry it off, but it won't budge. This is Uzses chance. He lobs a plasma grenade at the Brutes head. It sticks, and his body explodes into many bloody pieces of meat and bone. The two quickly dispatch the shipmaster and head down to the hangar. They kill off guarded Grunts and Jackals, and steal their Phantom back. They quickly head out of the cruiser and fly back to the Shadow of Intent.

Sixth Level

During the start of the battle, Red Team and Omega Team head outside of the U.N.S.C. Research and Medical Center, after getting outfitted with new armor. They efficiently kill enemies near a Phantom, and drive into a cruiser without alarming them. Around them, ground vehicles from both armies clash in a giant explosive battle. Blood and vehicle parts go flying at tremendous speeds, with shards of equipment hitting surrounding buildings. They grab Vergil to speak with other engineers, in order to get other engineers to partner with the U.N.S.C. Now with Virgil, the Red Team flies up to the closest Destroyer and kills the entire crew except for the engineers. They have Virgil tell the other engineers to gather Phantoms and Spirits, and head down to Earth. Hundreds of Dropships land in California and drop off the engineers. The Red Team goes up to space to capture a CCS Battlecruiser and hijack it, killing everyone on board. While the Red Team hijacked the cruiser, Omega Team hijacked an Assault Carrier. 1 Spartan dies by a Brute Stalker with a Gravity Hammer. The 2 teams commandeer their ships, and plasma bombard other Covenant ships attacking Orbital Defense Platforms. The Red Team's Cruiser gets heavily damaged, so they evacuate. They use their Thruster Packs to fly up to Omega Team's Carrier while it's being invaded by Dropships in the hangar. Omega Team made a trap with the dead Spartans corpse to blow up infantry in a corridor. They set the timer to 15 minutes. It blows up right when Red Team enters the hangar. Other Covenant ships kamikaze, plasma and glass bombarding the Omega Team's Carrier, making it heavily damaged. A large squad of Brute War and regular Chieftains enter their carrier, in order to try to kill them. They end up killing another member of Omega Team, and injure Alice from Red Team.

Seventh Level

The Spartans go back to the hanger and pilot a Boarding Craft to take over another ship. They attach onto the side of a CCS Battlecruiser. They take a look outside the Boarding Craft, and see that it is heavily guarded by infantry. Douglas deploys a Bubble Shield so that the rest of the Spartans are safe. After 20 seconds, the Bubble Shield collapses and the generator self-destructs, leaving the Spartans without protection. The Spartans clash with 50 Minor Prophets as well as a couple dozen Drones. While they're running through the corridors, they find themselves facing 10 gold Hunters. They methodically take out all the Hunters, yet tragically losing Alice in battle. That gruesome battle shook up all the Spartans, leaving them without ammunition and damaged armor. They break off the Hunters Fuel Rod Cannons, to use for their own defense. The Spartans then come across Brute Bodyguards and a couple Minor Prophets. They take them out with ease. The Spartans take over the ship, and glass 5 Cruisers to the ground. Some Spartans take control of Covenant turrets to destroy enemy aircraft, such as Seraphs and Phantoms. Cruisers around them bombard ships with their Plasma firepower. Their cruiser is at the point in which it's going to blow up, so they walk into an escape pod and crash land into the streets. The Spartans see Covenant troops heading towards a damaged group of Police Officers, so they run after them, when suddenly 2 Scarab Tanks land in the streets and notice them. The Spartans run quickly towards the rear of a nearby building and they see Covenant troops sniping civilians in the streets. The Spartans kill the troops and jump and grab onto the nearest Scarab. They destroy it, and take down a second Scarab, killing the troops on the ground. The Spartans get a distress signal from a building a couple blocks away, and when they see the building, a Phantom simultaneously drops off Jackal snipers with Beam and Focus Rifles. The Spartans take out the snipers and enter the building from the back. They take out a hive of Drones, and then send any surviving Marines and Troopers to the alleyway to stay clear of enemies in the front of the building. Covenant troops and Wraiths are destroying U.N.S.C Scorpion Tanks and Warthogs in the streets. The Spartans take out the enemies, then get a signal from a U.N.S.C Aircraft Carrier demanding assistance. The Spartans get on 2 Falcons and shoot down any enemy vehicles and aircraft in the area. They then get dropped off on the carrier and commandeer Onagers to destroy Covenant Anti-Air Turrets, destroying U.N.S.C aircraft. After they take out the turrets, a large shielded Scarab lands on the Aircraft Carrier, sinking it. Heavy weapons can't even make a scratch in its armor. The Spartans decide to plant bombs under the ship and evacuate. They set the timer for 5 minutes, run to the top and commandeer Longswords, and the ship blows up promptly after takeoff.

Eighth Level

The Spartans and U.N.S.C. Andraste get bombarded by enemy Banshees, Seraphs and Phantom. They take out the aircraft, yet face another wave of enemy aircraft. The U.N.S.C Andraste is safe, while the Spartans are heavily damaged by falling debris of a nearby destroyed Covenant carrier, and make an emergency landing on the streets. They get out just in time to see the Longswords blow up into huge fiery pieces of metal. The Spartans then have to take out enemy anti-air Wraiths and Covenant troops, who are defending a Covenant camp. They take out the camp and the Wraiths, and get a large vehicle dropped off by the U.N.S.C Andraste, called a Beetle. The Beetle is a six-legged walker that is a troop transport, which is a little bit bigger than the size of an Elephant. The Beetle is closed on all sides other than a ramp that folds down to reveal stored vehicles. It has Titanium-A Battleplate armor, and drivers section has a large bulletproof window. The Beetle also has a ramp on the inside that leads to the top, where anti-air and anti-vehicle turrets are placed. There are 5 anti-air turrets placed on top, 1 in the back, 2 on each side of the Beetle, and 1 double Gauss cannon that can switch to a rail gun. Marines aid the Spartans in the Beetle, and are demolishing anything they see. The Spartans then battle a swarm of Banshees bombarding the Beetle. Most of the Banshees kamikaze into the window, trying to disable the Beetle from demolishing them. The Spartans and Marines make their way to the U.N.S.C Research and Medical Center where Covenant troops are invading in mass numbers. Jun is sniping on top of the center, picking off troops that are dropping from Dropships. The Spartans make their way into the half-destroyed building, only to find many gold Hunters and Brute Chieftains attacking a room. There is a Master Chief located inside the bulletproofed room, and needs a code to get in. The Covenant troops are tormenting a wounded Marine, in order to find out the code to unlock the door. However, the Marine doesn't budge. The Spartans advance towards the Hunters and kill 2 immediately. The remaining troops fire on the Spartans, yet it has no effect. The Spartans kill the rest of the troops and send the wounded Marine to an emergency room. They then walk outside to get picked up by a Pelican, which sends them off to a space station. The Pelican is in the middle of the most intense battle the U.N.S.C has ever seen. At the space station, the Spartans commandeer Booster Frames to destroy high target Corvettes and other ships. The Spartans reach their first priority, and start attacking 3 Corvettes attacking a 2 U.N.S.C Halcyon class Cruisers. The Spartans destroy the Corvettes with ease, yet face another challenge. Hundreds of Banshees, Seraphs, and other Covenant aircraft are attacking them. The Spartans shoot and collide with the attacking ships and finally clear out the space around them. They land in Nasseau Station to kill invading Covenant forces. They walk through corridor after corridor, to find a Covenant bomb near the Mac activation center. The Spartans disarm the bomb and activate the Mac to split holes right through Covenant ships. They head back to the hangar to find Dare, Dutch, Buck, Mickey, Romeo and the Rookie. They aid the brave O.D.S.T team to kill Covenant troops jumping out of Boarding Crafts. They then head back to Earth in a Pelican that was inside the hangar. They meet up with Jun and John in the center. At that moment, the Prophet of Thievery's carrier is about to jump to slipspace, when Nicole fires Nasseau Station's Mac, which nearly misses Thievery's carrier, and Thievery escapes.