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Through the Ship Masters eyes (Prologue)
Posted By: Aaron<sparta24945@aol.com>
Date: 17 July 2009, 7:41 am

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Crescent Revelations
Seventh Cycle 238 units [Covenant Battle Calendar]
Symmetrical orbit over Pegasi Delta (Covenant held planet)

Vidor Daoism sat in his chambers pondering to himself when the holographic display on the podium next to his chair winked on it was his navigator Delga Sunder.

"Vidor we have received a distress beacon on the planets surface, rumors of the blasphemes Humans made it onto the surface and are threatening to destroy the refueling station!"

Vidor swiveled to look at the figure and pounded his massive fist against the arm rests of his chair denting it with ease.

"Launch the Seraphs and Banshees! We will not allow those vermin to succeed!"

Vidor rose from his seat and briskly walked to the door where it parted open and continued to marched on towards the bridge. The room buzzed with action as the Elites keyed the keypads and barked orders to the launching bays and organizing the battle plans. The dark lights in the bridge felt gloomy as the ship was brought to combat alert phase three.

"How did this blight get on the surface of the planet?" Vidor demanded to no one in particular.

"By the means of Drop Pods Ship Master." Kildor shouted from the Operations station. "They slipped by our sensors!"

Vidor felt his blood boil in his veins as he watched the live feed from the planet, three hundred slightly translucent human shapes wearing suites of armor not like of the demon the Prophets ordered to be purged. These Humans… this blight of the holy journey have somehow landed on a planet far inside Covenant space. Vidor felt a deep feeling of regret as the thought of the Prophets knowledge of this could lead to great dishonor. Vidor lowered his head.

"Get me a Banshee…"

The other elites in the bridge turned to stare at Vidor in shock. It is unheard of for a Ship Master to leave ship to do battle on the planet. If successful, it would mean great honor, but if it failed, it could lead to his death even if he lives the battle. It was something a Ship Master wasn't willing to gamble with.

Vidor reached the launch bays his Banshee was set and two Elites stood next to it kneeling.

"We are here to do battle at your side Ship Master. We hope we can show you our Zealotry in our deaths if necessary."
Vidor nodded in approval but didn't break his stride he lifted the tail end of the Banshee and crawled in, and so did the two other Elites with there own Banshees.

It would be a fifteen minute flight to the planets surface, his ship the Crescent Revelations was already sinking down into the planets surface to help the six other Covenant Cruisers floating just above the refueling station. The Humans made a vary large mistake by invading the planet, all though able to slip past there sensors and land on the planet, they will surely not survive.

The scene was pure chaos. Seraphs and Banshees strafed the land producing dust and debris, as Vidor flew in with his two escorts, the shine from planets yellow sun and the electric blue from the covenant refueling station reflected of the purple alloy of the Banshee's hull as the wind whistled the unmistakable and famous sound of the Banshee.

"By the Prophets! There are hundreds of them!" one of Vidor's escorts shouted

"I hope our brothers leave us some of them!" the other escort shouted.

Vidor seen there impatience as a sign of weakness. For a true and honorable warrior patience is a sacred Elite virtue. If you cannot be patient, then death will follow you promptly. And it will be dishonorable. Vidor kept silent, he was more worried about the battle at hand then two arrogant Elites, he will deal with them when he is safely aboard his ship, if they to live this battle he will have them killed, beheaded and there bodies hung in the great halls as a reminder to all that serve under him that impatience is not tolerated. And if they die during battle, then it is a lesson taught. And their honor restored.

"I want you two to fly ahead of me and begin strafing the main entrance I will begin strafing from behind to ketch them in a cross fire."

Vidor allowed the two escorts presume flying strait as he broke off, he felt the gravity increase as he pulled out of the dive towards the ground. He lined up his shot and gently squeezed the triggers and felt the body of the Banshee shake as the plasma cannons fired into the charging Humans, there bodies slightly translucent as they ran across the red barren lands, but as one of the bolts of plasma struck one, his armor failed and so did the camouflage and as the limp and lifeless body fall into a tumble before it landed still as a stone.

"Ship Master this is Crescent Revelations, we need you to come back aboard, we have received a mission strait from the Prophets themselves."

The sound came from a small screen from his right showing his navigator Delga. Vidor felt relatively disappointed by the fact he was only able to down one Human, but if the Prophets themselves ordered Vidor's ship into a mission he will not question them. The Sengheili a proud and loyal race was always at the side of the Prophets, and thus will do the Prophets bidding.

As Vidor approached the hanger bay doors his rear view monitor showed a blinding white light, as he watched the refueling station detonated and a brilliant show of white hot plasma and fire. This loss will be felt all over the Covenant space, this refueling station was a key point in the war against the Humans. There supplies to the front lines have been cut momentarily. But it was a hard hit none the less.

"This mission I hope will give honor to all that has died in this battle, because none of them have earned honor today." Vidor spoke quietly to himself as he landed inside the launch bay. The slight rumble of the ship gave warning to Vidor the ship was leaving the planets gravity, and entering space.

"Delga, what system is this mission in?" Vidor asked trying to keep his endless rage under control, this loss could mean his life if the prophets demanded it.

"We are headed to the Sol System, the Prophets have found the Humans home world, and the Prophet of Regret needs Escort. We will be linking up with the Destroyer Bloodied Spirit and the carrier Sublime Transcendence."

Vidor's anger quieted down a little, destroying the human home world would bring endless honor to his name, he would rise in stature in his keep on his home world, perhaps even make Kaidon. This amused him. Soon this war will end and with it, the great journey, this is a wonderful blessing Vidor thought to himself, as he made his way back to the bridge.